CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright. See 9/11 sermon in context


The entirety of Wright’s sermon after 9/11 is found here.


Full video and audio (mp3) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. Everyone should take time to watch or listen to this interview in its entirety, as it gives a full picture of Rev. Wright. The mainstream media has really gone out of its way to smear this man’s image and distort his message. They went so far as to all a woman in hospice who used to attend Trinity church, in order to find more “dirt” they could blow up in the news. Watch this interview and learn the truth about Barack Obama’s former pastor.


After all these weeks of the truth being out, on Youtube, and in blogs such as this, CNN continues to distort the truth about Wright’s 9/11 sermon.
This is from CNN’s website, 04/27/08

NEW! 5/4/08
Footage of Ambassador Edward Peck speaking out 4 days after the 9/11 attack
on Fox News. While he doesn’t use the specific words “chickens come home to roost” his comments are exactly of the same opinion expressed by Rev. Wright, if not more so. Skip to 3:43 to see the interview with our US Ambassador to Iraq.

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  2. Mr Furious says:

    Thanks for posting this. I came here from Daily Kos, where it is getting plenty of exposure.

  3. Amie says:

    thank you for sharing this, I wish all could see this!

  4. pvmuse says:

    This is NOT getting enough exposure, have you sent this to Air America?

  5. Dr. Hijohn says:

    Well done. I’ve been looking for this stuff. There are 100 FOX sound bites for every prayerfully offered sermon clip. Let’s even the score. I’m calling Trinity UCC tomorrow and mobilizing my denomination and my church to post and reply to representative clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a man of God, if there is any such thing!

  6. Lee says:

    Its funny: everything he said is so true in this clip. Yet he is condemned to no end and is being used to try to bring down a presidential candidate. Shame on you main stream media.

  7. April says:

    Amazing how the message changes with context. The way the MSM has covered this whole Reverend Wright business reminds me of the way movie ads in the paper use clips of reviews to make a bad movie sound good. In this case they have made a good man making some complex points sound like he is a hate filled person. Shocking! Especially when he was really talking about how we need to avoid responding to violence with further violence. We could all use a Reverend Wright reminding us to reflect on our own thoughts and actions before rising to strike out at another.

  8. ~_~ says:

    this is a great post. it’s despicable how the news networks like FOX or CNN manipulate and spin the news. they have totally lost sight of there responsibilities as one way communicators. though in the end Mr. Wright still presumes to speak for a fictional being, and call on people to bow allegiance to that being. that manipulation is just as bad in my eyes. he tells his lies and the news tells they’re lies, and i don’t respect any of them.

  9. Drew says:

    Wow. That guy’s a badass. Any more videos?

  10. BRAVO!

    It reminds me of the phrase, “the wicked take the truth to be hard.”

    I love the internet. How else would we know? Clearly, the media as abdicated their solemn responsibility to provide truthful information, which is the foundation of a democratic society.

    Knock this out of the park!

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  12. Wayne Carlson says:

    I knew we had a problem in this country with our mainstream national press, frequently bordering on yellow journalism, however this now makes it abundantly clear to me that our press is now, resorted to flat out PROPOGANDA!!!! How can anything in this our beloved country every change for the better if the most important, relevant information of our day is being twisted and mangled as it is by today’s press!!!! I don’t know what we as individuals can do about this gross injustice, but something needs to be done and soon, or we are in for much, much darker days than 9/11.

  13. mn says:

    Context of Hillary never been called a n*****:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Audacity To Hope (Sermon that inspired Obama to join church, write book, etc.)
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  14. CNN, MSNBC LIED! see Rev. Wright's '9/11' comment in context

    […]Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and other news media all lied and distorted the image of pastor Jeremiah Wright. Though Barack Obama has already given a stunning historical speech on race and Wright, it's important for voters to get ful…

  15. agordon says:

    OMG!! They all got it wrong with thie video. It is up to the people of the internet to blast this entire video all over the internet and make such a big nosie that the media,(except for Fox New) to come to grips and make amends for harping on the small sound bits. The media needs to go good on this error before PA primary. Their are some people who make not vote for obama because of this stuff, and that’s not right.

    Please, send this out to the world now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. John D'oh says:

    Is there any way you can get OPRAH to play this?

    America needs to see this to see what crap the msm pushes.

  17. first says:


  18. badfrog says:

    It is accurate that he is quoting the State Dept diplomat; I noted that when it came out after 9-11. However, the obvious relish with which Mr. Wright quotes him is the real issue, not who said it first. This may make true believers feel vindicated, but won’t change any minds on the other side.

  19. postcon says:

    In context,or out of context,his intent is still the same.This man is a horrible racist!

  20. Thanks for this.

    Over the course of 30 years, Rev Wright given a lot of sermons and I’m sure that 99% of them are of the Christian “love-thy-neighbor” variety. We need to take the Best of the Best of Rev Wrights sermons and cut them down to 20-30 second sound bytes. Then we need to post these over and over on YouTube until a search of “Obama Wright” returns 99% clips of Rev Wright saying good things.

    If we can show the other side of Reverend Wright, and highlight the good things he has said, perhaps we can help mitigate some damage that might be done by his incendiary remarks.

    When posting these clips should be given ambigous titles – such as “Can you Believe Obama’s Reverend Wright Said This?” which would lead more people to watch them.

  21. Over the course of 30 years, Rev Wright given a lot of sermons and I’m sure that 99% of them are of the Christian “love-thy-neighbor” variety. We need to take the Best of the Best of Rev Wrights sermons and cut them down to 20-30 second sound bytes. Then we need to post these over and over on YouTube until a search of “Obama Wright” returns 99% clips of Rev Wright saying good things.

    If we can show the other side of Reverend Wright, and highlight the good things he has said, perhaps we can help mitigate some damage that might be done by his incendiary remarks.

    When posting these clips should be given ambigous titles – such as “Can you Believe Obama’s Reverend Wright Said This?” which would lead more people to watch them.

  22. Enlightned says:

    This is big, for the most part I never really disagreed with him because there is a perspective that white America is not accustomed to seeing which I believe blinds them into this false reality of prosperity we live in today. But the truth of this false prosperity and the lies associated with them have ALWAYS been around, it just has been professional screened by the powers of the so-called elite………looks like those walls are coming down!

  23. Bill Bull says:

    I don’t get it. What’s this guy saying? Kill babies? Or just worship the God that kills babies. I really can’t understand him.

  24. n gordon says:

    politics ,,, politics….politics

  25. Republican Party says:

    “This is NOT getting enough exposure, have you sent this to Air America?”



  26. katrink says:

    Thank you for that. In context, it is one Pastor’s opinion of all the “evil” done by America. I have to hope that he has had other sermons thankful of the good America does/has done to balance this.
    However, I wish we could see the context of other “bites and bits” of this man, e.g. about the Clintons, etc.

  27. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright`

    This story has been submitted to Stirrdup. Your support can help it become hot.

  28. Dallas says:

    I’m a big white guy from Texas and I agree with Rev. Wright.

    I feel that the entire videos displayed in a public forum would help Obama rather then Hurt him.

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  30. Vern says:

    This is ludicrous. You people act like we had 9/11 coming to us. Stop being so naive.

  31. ted blackburn says:

    You think what he just said allows him to say what he said without recourse? Our great country does not need hate speeches nor hate preachers – of any color or any religion! They are the same is the radical muslims who are trying to bring all modern reality to an end.

    Please wake up move on and stop looking back.

    He is nuts and Obama should be ashamed – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

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  33. Joseph says:

    Jeremiah Wright is a racist bigot, and has been called so by Obama himself! Just because the networks take one quote out of context doesn’t mean all the rest of the hatred he spewed is null and void! Take your heads out of the sand!

  34. James Morgan says:

    Much applause to words I have tried to find for myself and friends around the injustice that is America.

    Is Reverend Wright wrong…No he is Right, and I feel very refreshed by his concise words and honesty towards what we have become vs. what we need to be…Good Americans!

  35. […] the hate filled soundbites from Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, are returned to the context the 24 hour news network indefensibly denied them. A message of peace, warning against violence in […]

  36. Fred says:

    I don’t understand how these views can be controversial. Here in Sweden all he says are common knowledge and FACTS. The US foreign policy lead to the 9/11 attacks, it’s so fucking obvious you should be ashamed that you didn’t get it earlier.

  37. Orlick says:

    thanks for posting this.

  38. Tom J says:

    Everyone should email a link to this to all those networks listed, to make a statement that we KNOW they’re lying to us.

  39. […] ran across this, on […]

  40. WakeCharlie says:


    You know, I didn’t bother watching the videos because I don’t have a T.V. and figured that since Obama denounced them, they must be bad. This is worse than bad, it’s good.

    I heard on the radio the other day that the Invasion of Iraq was the costliest war since WWII. That’s a very ignorant, ego-centric and cold thing to say. While the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and almost 4,000 dead servicemen and women should never be forgotten, we forget that the conflict in Vietnam cost the lives of 3 million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians, countless innocent men women and children included, and 58,000 young American men. Where is the outrage about statements like that? Oh, that’s right, there is no outrage because it is the media that says such things.

    Sure the Iraq war was a “big mistake” but why hadn’t we learned our lesson from Vietnam? Did it not cost us enough? So now we are told that the cost of war is measured in terms of dollars instead of lives. That is the type of thinking that deserves the crucifiction.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

    So now, Rev. Wright, is crucified in the media for making sure that hsi flock does not forget the lessons that the rest of America should have already learned. Crucified on the cross of the 24 hour news cycle. Like Ron Paul who couched “chickens coming home to roost” in a term like BLOWBACK, Rev. Wright too must suffer on the cross of our media.

    Since the Mainstream Media won’t remind you, Rev. Wright will.

    We made Bin Laden in our image to destroy the Soviets and on 9/11 we paid dearly for that. In response, we should have gone into Afghanistan with our own troops instead of letting the Northern Alliance go in there and cut a deal to let Bin Ladden “slip away.” We were unwilling to commit troops to Afghanistan because plans were already being made to invade Iraq and it would cost less to ship them to Afghanistan and then to Iraq. Instead, we had our eye on Saddam Hussein another one of America’s Frankenstein creations. The CIA helped him overthrow a democratic government. Once he came to power, we asked him to do our bidding by taking on Iran for us. Millions died there at our bequest. That was America paying it back. But it wasn’t costly because it was someone else who did the dying.

    I only wished the mainstream media did as much as Rev. Wright to ensure that American’s are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. If only more people were members of Rev. Wright’s congregation, maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

    When told that 2/3 of Americans don’t think the Iraq war was worth it, Dick Cheney responds “SO?” He said that because he knew that the American people are gullible enough to believe that Saddam was behind 9/11, they’re gullible to believe anything. He doesn’t have to care what they believe now that he got his ways through lies and deceit.

    Maybe if Dick Cheney and George Bush were members of Rev. Wright’s congregation, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. They wouldn’t be so careless in their forgetting of the Beatitudes and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount:

    Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

    Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

  41. Anuket says:

    Roland Martin has posted a text version of this sermon on a blog site for Anderson Cooper 360. Here is the link.

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  43. Brian says:

    Just checking in as another white american who agrees with Wright. The US has a track record of killing civillians in their wars, why would we expect attacks against us to be any different? Preach on, brother.

  44. Cory says:

    Im not usually an emotional guy, and nor do i claim to support a majority of church institutions. But the rev couldnt have spoken better. This is the meat on the bone, what we all miss so much off. We get fed nothing but bs all day by the media, so i smile when i hear something that screams truth.

  45. Sandra says:

    No racist there, just a passionate and compassionate preacher who has been vilified by the media, a characterization too many were eager, willing, and now holding desperately to. It would be sad if it weren’t so dangerous.

    Nevertheless, the tide has now begun to ricochet back towards the true haters, and this clarification of the Pastor’s words is definitely part of that. Nice work.

  46. Jeff says:

    Thank you for showing this. I’ve tried downloading it from iTunes, but there was an error. Does anyone know where I can find the rest of this sermon?

  47. Miguel says:

    I’m an Obama supporter from MN, and I was a little nervous (admittedly) about the clips that have been playing on the news channels. I thought Barack’s speech on Tuesday was amazing. Now, having seen this clip of Reverend Wright’s sermon, I am no longer nervous. I am sending it to everyone I know, especially those who are deeply religious and conservative (my mother). One cannot claim to follow the Bible and not understand what this man is saying. Those who denounce him as a racist, only wish to avoid a more fundamental discussion about Religion, Race, and U.S. foreign Policy. There is nothing racist about what he said in this sermon, that is a fact.

  48. Justice says:

    Can we email this link to CNN, FOX, your local news station, everyone should FLOOD them with the real video with the correct context that the pastor said. Make them APOLOGIZE for their Lies and Deceit!

  49. Nicole says:

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. Wright, who served his country for 6 years and then served his community for almost 40, is being vilified for “inflammatory” statements that paint an unsavory picture of him and his church. When he was first approached by the media, he sought only to express his admiration and respect Obama (*see his letter to NYT writer Jodi Kantor ( ) What he didn’t realize was that he was the magic bullet already trained upon his longtime friend. It’s sad, dirty business, blindsiding a local pastor.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I am not a religious person at all, but I DO support Obama even though he is a Christian and I can see that even though I may not agree with everything he or his pastor believes, I think his moral compass is pointed in the right direction.

    As we all should know by now–what you see and hear on the news is never a “complete” story, they do it for money and viewership. I am happy that someone got the truth out about these mal-edited comments.

  51. Chicago says:

    i’m a firm obama supporter, though i knew what the pastor said was true and a lot of people would agree with him, but i’d say he said it neither at a right time nor right place. or he should consider running for a seat in the Congress.
    what really amazes me is that how fast people could change their opinions on this issue. Now they blame the media?
    Remember when the tibet riot first broke out, and all media journalists started reporting the news according to ‘people familiar with the matter’ without really studying the matter. they photoshopped original photos, edited videos, and even disgarded complaint letters sent from Chinese public regarding their biased reports. then some Chinese came to different news blogs to explain the real situation. What did the American public do? What did a lot of us do? We defended our media. We chose to believe in what we wanted to believe instead of believing in truth.

  52. Sonicsuns says:

    Why did you cut it off? He wasn’t done with his sermon, and I wanted to see the “God D–n America!” clip in context. That one sounded harsh.

    I do agree with his point that America has committed crimes. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were great examples; we intentionally killed civilians. In other instances I’m less inclined to agree; warfare which results in the *unintentional* deaths of civilians is not the same as suicide bombing and related terrorism. (And even with Hiroshima, you could make a case that we did it to defeat Japan, which needed to be defeated because of the horrible things it was doing to China, and the horrible things they would have tried to do to us, had we not responded so quickly after Perl Harbor. Though I still say bombing Hiroshima was wrong)

    But there’s one thing I want to clarify: Wright didn’t mean that the victims of 9/11 deserved their fate, did he? Surely he doesn’t mean that the various people who died are all somehow responsible for America’s crimes? They didn’t bomb Hiroshima. They didn’t kill civilians. I’d just like to see him clarify that.

  53. Peter says:

    Free Kosovo!!!

  54. Santic says:

    wow!! this guy is GOOOD!!!

  55. god says:

    This guy is racist and so is Obama. Obama has no chance. Remember the majority of voters in this country are angry white men. You think they will elect Osama…er I mean Obama.

    lets see. Refusal to wear an American flag pin. Refusal to put his hand over his heart for National Anthem. Married to a woman who has never been proud to be an American. Member of an antiAmerican and racist church.

    I am just glad most of you are too young to vote. There is a reason there is an age limit on voting. You should be educated before you can vote. clearly most of you are not.

    This video proves nothing but this man is an American hating racist like most of you.

  56. MH says:

    This is NOT his GD America speech! Nice try!

  57. SG says:

    Thank you for posting the 9/11 sermon. let the real truth come out. below is another sermon of Rev. Wright on “God Loved, God Gave.” Must see.

    It reflects the Christian values Rev. Wright inherited from his parents. Much like Barack Obama, he was a product of a bi-racial family. He knows and understands both White and Black communities. His experience is exemplified in this sermon, which is about Christmas and its celebration. It is unfortunate that TV as well as Radio stations and internet blogs grossly exaggerate extracting 30 second sound bytes to attack him, despite his 36 years service.

    I am sure there are a lot of people whose parents are racist, especially the older generation. It will not be fair to demand that they disown or divorce their parents. You don’t agree with them, but you love them no mater what they think or believe. The hypocrites will say that’s different, I say I beg to differ.

    Not This Time!

  58. Anonymous II says:

    While this does illustrate, in context, what the Reverend was saying, it shoots itself in the foot by not playing the entire sermon, particularly the most controversial part, where the Reverend proclaims “God damn America”. The title of this could just as easily be CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, AND Bald eagle 08 LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright, see only part of the story in context.

    Leaves me to wonder, is there merit to the news stories, since even the source attempting to debunk what is proclaimed “propoganda” is leaving out a huge chunk?

  59. Kager says:

    I cannot believe the people that still are still going off about this speech on these responses. Obviously they are to ignorant to listen to what the man is saying or are to entrenched in their bigotry to care what he says. They still believe us sending our military out to every country that threatens our financial intersest will endear us to these people and they will not respond. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction…the neo con republicans are the sadest , most pathetic Americans ever to disgrace this country.

  60. Robin says:

    Can you say, The POWER OF THE INTERNET!!!.

    Imagine, if there were no interenet, we’d simply be sheep!!!!

    That’s all I have to say about this subject, the truth will always come out and mainstream media will sink in credibility.

  61. […] CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright. See 9/11 sermon in context here it is in context. I think that this may still get criticism still, but does add a lot more nuance to his character. […]

  62. Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that McCain gave a commencement speech at Bob Jones University at the request of Rev [sic] Jerry Falwell. And we all know Falwell wasn’t incendiary. After all, this was the man who unified America after 9/11 by saying:

    “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way—all of them who have tried to secularize America—I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.”

    So where’s the heat on McCain? This is a total conservative hit job on Obama, and it stinks of a hypocrisy that can only arise out of desperation.

  63. […] Here’s a link to a video of the full sermon.  Posted in I hate the world, Old Hickory Sad RSS 2.0 *Name […]

  64. Mark says:

    So why isn’t the white ambassador being crucified in the media? Not that I feel he should be, but the Rev is repeating what he heard on FAUX News. Typical right-wing hit job from FAUX News propaganda machine, especially since they own the original footage from when the ambassador spoke. Why isn’t that being aired?

  65. anne says:

    This video needs to be emailed to everyone out there. It’s sickening Rev. Wright is being bashed like he is. He said nothing wrong. The sermon was actually very powerful! Why is nobody defending this man!??

  66. Kay Martin says:

    The FCC needs to reinstitute “The Fairness Doctrine”. This will force the media to engage in “balanced” reporting.

    Right now you simply have everyone looking for the most sensational story in order to garner ratings.

    Unfortunately, in this type of climate, the American people lose.

  67. truth says:

    remember, he is blaming America for 9/11 only five days after thousands of men women and children died. whole story or not, this guy is a schmuck.


  69. little j says:

    I have had more controversial conversations than this sermon with the sandwich maker at my local Subway.
    Everyone knows how the country was founded and that it was bad. The division is how we agree we should react to it in present day.
    He was spelling out what terrorism looks like for those whom have had their brains washed by the media.
    Additionally, he was quoting a white person, giving him props. He was telling the crowd of black people that white and black are on the same side and that the “enemy” is lack of self inquiry, especially in regards to making decisions on who we decide to kill and for what reasons, as one nation, “under God.”

  70. abp says:

    Don’t trust the media!!!!

  71. Jim Williams says:

    Thank you and God bless America.

  72. bwilstyle says:

    This proves without any doubt that God is working to send the whole world a message. I have felt this around the whole NY Governor scandal/aftermath and to now have this Obama story put to rest like this especially around Easter is a sign and a declaration by God that His soon is coming back soon.

    What’s exciting is that this might not be all that we here of this story. Just imagine in how many languages the preacher’s words are being translated into right now. If God told you that your message would one day be spread across the world, would you believe Him?

  73. Peter says:

    He’s exactly right at 2:30… we now kill the most defenseless of the innocent, the unborn. Yet, Obama is in favor of partial birth abortion, which is literally delivering an 8-9month baby from the mother and sticking scissors in the back of it’s head and using a vacuum to suck the brains out.

    I kinda wish Obama would listen to this preacher on some things.

  74. Anonymous says:

    You guys commenting here are very naive…

  75. Wrong about Wright says:

    I am an Obama supporter – Asian American. Like Obama, my parents met at the Univ. of Hawai’i so I feel like we’re kin. When I first heard about the remarks of Rev. Wright, I thought “whooo boy, not good.”

    I thought, well, there goes the nomination because Obama’s Reverend is a racist or angry black guy who hates America and white people. What I saw of the video clips kind of fed my assumptions of where this was heading. I thought Obama was in a tough spot, and I was upset with Rev. Wright for putting Obama in this difficult situation.

    However, after listening to Obama’s speech on race, I was relieved that he responded to the greater issue of the racial divide by recognizing all sides have a stake in achieving reconciliation. But I knew that in the back of my mind, Rev. Wright’s words still troubled me. Colleagues at work, mostly conservative, thought that he should not have been preaching in front of children – and that Obama was there by choice, and he did not have to choose his white grandmother – “why didn’t he leave?” they asked.

    I read Obama’s book on how he came to Trinity, and the mission of the Church. It was hard to reconcile my thoughts on his spiritual journey to Trinity with what seemed to be anti-American diatribes by Wright. Obama said Wright was a product of his time. I took him at that, because I have white relatives, and have heard out-dated ethnic terms, like “coloreds” which are generational speech. That’s how they grew up, I guess.

    Anyway, the sermon has to be heard in its entirety – this is true at my church, where if you take a snippet at the beginning you’d think he was talking about football, but then it leads into a spiritual struggle and a lesson in keeping faith in the face of adversity. I think the clip shows that, if anything, this guy stands for peace, and that hate is the last thing he was advocating. To say “and the first shall be the last” is not meant to strike down Americans, but to remind us of our awesome power and the responsibility we have to wield it with compassion and fairness, lest the tables are turned on us! That’s scripture!

    I was wrong about Rev. Wright, and I would like to let the people of Trinity know that I stand with them in brotherhood and in peace. Barack Obama is going to be a great President. God bless.

    Steve in DC

  76. Pookie_Mexicano! says:

    It is sad to realize that the most so called “knowledgeble, intelligent people(or so they call themself)…have no problem in believing everything the Media tells them” They are so full of themselfs that have not realized the need of FACT-CHECK before critisizing anyone, includind the Person whom I hope for the good of this wonderful country become Our Next PRESIDENT, the only one capeble on bring this Country TOGETHER, unite the American people and get rid of the years and years of resentment once and for all.

    I only wish that this Video somehow gets played on its entirely in television because sadly enough it will be the only way to show those who so harshly critized not only Mr. Obama but also Rev. Wright how wrong they are…even though they will never admit to it and come up with something else.

    Until resently I had great respect for Talk Radio too, thinking, like many others I’m sure, that they were trying to get the truth out there by informing the American People of the “Real Facts”…It saddens me to realized that as much as they keep saying they are not like the Main Stream Media, there is realy no much different, because if they were the Hennedy Rady Show would have at leas play most of what we just saw here, with out letting us hear only what it is convenient for their own agenda. I had respected Mr. Hennedy and liked his radio talk show, but now I know he plays the same POLITICAL games, just like all the others. The only thing that may bring alittle of that respect back towards him…not that he cares…is if he admits they manipulated the video/audio clip to manipulate the American People…LOL…Yes, I am a dreamer but hope is the last thing to go.

    Thank you all for bringing this into light…The Truth Will Set You Free!!!

    GO OBAMA!!! Some of us Hispanics are with you 100%

  77. DENISE says:

    Please, send this out to the world now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rev.Jeremiah Wright declared:

    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

    Yes, Rev. Wright was Right, these were heinous crimes against humanity, over 150,000 civilians were murdered! Jesus Christ taught us to Love our Neighbor, not to BOMB them!
    Why did this nation massacre Japanese men, women & children who had nothing to do with the attack on Pearl Harbor!

    It’s true this country is bloodguilty and has failed to live up to the righteous commandments of God like ancient Israel!
    The full text of Jeremiah Wright’s “Audacity To Hope” sermon in 1990:

    “Our world cares more about bombs for the enemy than about bread for the hungry. This world is still more concerned about the color of skin than it is about the content of character—a world more finicky about what’s on the outside of your head than about the quality of your education or what’s inside your head. That is the world on which this woman sits.”

  78. Rick A. says:

    I urge everyone who sees this, and feels it is important for more people to see it for themselves, to email your major news source and tell them you want it to be shown in context if we are going to judge Obama by it.

  79. William H says:

    There’s nothing I’ve seen Jeremiah Wright say that makes him hateful or racist. Here’s the definition of racist, according to Webster dictionary:

    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

    Where does Wright display either of these qualities? By saying that the country is run by “rich white people”? Um, last I checked, such a claim is an undisputed FACT. Oh, but he said that Hillary has never been called the ‘n’ word, you might say. How does that make him racist? He is simply stating a fact and making the point that she has never dealt with the kind of racial discrimination (ie “racism”) that African Americans regularly face.

    I personally feel that people’s apparent willingness to jump at the chance to call somebody like Wright a racist without having all of the facts shines a light on their own prejudices, and they ought to check themselves.

    And then there’s the charge that he’s “hateful”. What out there backs this up? Because he’s willing to call past and current US foreign policy out on its many abuses? The US has used horrific violence against innocent people to achieve its aims, you can’t dispute this fact. Was Wright saying that this justified the 9/11 attacks? No! He was simply making the very Christian observation that violence begets violence and it is the responsibility of every single person on this planet to put an end to the cycle by not participating in it. He didn’t say that the victims and their loved ones deserved the inconceivable suffering that the 9/11 attacks caused, he said that it is up to us not to continue the cycle of violence that the 9/11 attacks were a continued part of.

  80. Jeff says:

    Start contacting ALL the media and inform them of these FULL clips. Some of them really don’t know. We know FOX DOES THOUGH

    Phone: 404-827-1500
    Fax: 404-827-1906
    E-mail: cnn(dot)feedback(dot)com

    Phone: 212-664-4444
    Email: world(at)msnbc(dot)com

    Fixed Noise Channel
    Phone: (212) 301-3000
    Fax: (212) 301-4229
    Email: comments(dot)foxnews(dot)com
    Fax: 212-664-4426

  81. Shane K says:

    I’m still waiting for to hear these ‘controversial’ statements. So far I agree with everything Rev Wright has said. Wake up America. Wake up and grow up!

  82. […] was cited in the sermon as being an original quote from a retired U.S. ambassador Edward Peck.) pastor-jeremiah-wright-see-911-sermon-in-context/ (Incidentally, I don’t agree with the heading of the clip that news agencies lied. They merely […]

  83. Betsy says:

    It’s important to get the full truth

    See this as well

    Jeremiah Wright’s God Damn America

  84. […] Reagans terrorism task force, who was speaking on FOX News. Whole Sermon (In Context) pastor-jeremiah-wright-see-911-sermon-in-context/ Who is Edward Peck? Edward Peck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]

  85. danceswithbrittanys says:

    The media who you claim is hiding this information and trying to bring Obama down is the same media that propped him up to where he is now! He has been the Democratic media darling for months. Why wouldn’t they come to his aid now? Hmmmm……

  86. Shug says:

    Jeremiah Wright assisted in the heart surgery of President Lyndon B. Johnson

    Photos and commendation letter are here

    as well as more information about Trinity United Church of Christ

  87. John Nieckarz says:

    Rev. Wright is a Prophet. It pains me to see and hear how the news networks are destroying this man’s credibility. Remember Rev. Wright, what matters is what God feels. You speak the words of Christ and I can only hope to have one ounce of your personal courage and faith in God. I’m a 31 year old white male living in a suburb of Detroit and I don’t find you, your church, or Barack Obama offensive.

    Doesn’t anybody else feel that Barack Obama’s shoes just may have been carved out for him?

    Stay strong in your belief and we shall overcome!

    John Nieckarz

  88. Jay W62 says says:

    BRAVO!!! PREACH Dr. WRIGHT, PREACH !!!! And don’t let NOBODY shut your mouth!!!!

  89. Michael Gilkes says:

    This should be given to Barack Obama’s campaign managers to broadcast to the Nation. Oprah should make it central on one of her shows. It completely vindicates ( if that’s the right word ) Obama’s regard for pastor Wright .
    We must NOT let intelligence and humaneness be ploughed under by the crass, the foolish and the deceived ( a large majority ) among the American public

  90. grownANDsexy says:

    I just want the full truth. Give me the WHOLE video of all of the times the news media claims he is using hate speech. Give me the WHOLE video when his church and its members show their proof that he is not anti-american.

    I will wait for the day that Fox news (and other outlets) play the whole sermon. lets wait for that to happen.

  91. […] the time and energy to dig a little deeper and bring out more of the story.  Thus, there are now numerous extended sermons from Pastor Wright all over the internet.  While it might not change your own personal feelings on the matter, it […]

  92. What this site needs is a link to email this to others. I would send this to everyone in my address book if you had a link to forward it with.

  93. Sonceraee Yeldell says:

    To Sonicsuns, Rev Wright does not say God Damn America in the context it has been portrayed. It appeared to be edited into the video by news organizations. It is not in the transcript either. I keyed in on phrase after the GD… it’s in the Bible. My opinion since the sound bites have been strung together is God ‘will’ damn America. It is sad that we cannot even trust the mainstream media for truth. This is blatant.

  94. Charles Hudson says:

    There is hope that one day America’s massive media cogs will report fair, complete and true world events, telling the whole story instead of just the juicier parts to sell papers or get higher television ratings. Lives are worth more than ratings. Tell the whole truth across the board so people can make well-informed decisions. I am referring to the so-called “Pastor problem” of Senator Barak Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Listening to the Fox news lineup and others concerning this issue was sickening, one-sided and pathetic.
    I can almost stomach watching when they keep their coverage to basic interest stories such as what white America is doing, of which they may know about, but when they endeavor to scrutinize Black Americans or any American of which they have no basic knowledge, I see a pattern of ignorance disguised as intellect. It is interesting that white America becomes so enraged when the consequences of their actions boomerang back on their doorsteps. Check the history books, it is written in black and white. The extent to which white folk have protested as much as they have leads me to believe there is more truth in Rev. Wright’s words than is being admitted. Thou dost protest too much. Rev. Wright has said nothing that I have not said, said because I have lived it and because I love my country and know it can do better. However, this country is not as gracious, inclusive, or as tolerant as the media continues to portray. As one personally victimized by the racist regime that continues to rear its ugly head in our communities and among Black Americans, I cannot sit back and say nothing when white America continually tries to demoralize the Black community or any disadvantaged community through an unfair portrayal of its people through a biased, one sided, white owned media. How can you not expect there to be harsh rhetoric and ill feelings felt towards white America at home and abroad. There are racists in every culture of this country, yet all we seem to see and hear from the media is how appalled white people are because someone said something negative or did something to them as if it has never happened to any other people.
    The tragedy of 9/11 was an atrocity that affected all Americans, not just white America. It is agreed 9/11 was a terrible thing and I was heartsick when it happened. I feel the same way when our children are still being murdered (minus the noose), doors are still closed because of skin tone, and true equality is still a fight for the minority community. Where is the media when there is injustice perpetrated against black folk throughout this country?
    If Sen. Obama had not been in the race for the United States Presidency, Rev. Wright would merely be considered a radical thorn, and counted as just another “troublemaker”. If White America cannot handle it when someone makes a comment about their behavior, then perhaps White America ought to look at how they behave. The audacity of white America continuing to dictate to the rest of the world, as well as the Black community in America what the guidelines to being civilized are! Especially when we continue to see our black youths gunned down by trigger-happy police officers, see blacks being sentenced to longer jail terms for the same crimes as whites, shall we go further? I believe you get the point. When we no longer need laws to force fairness for all, or when white America lives the Black experience for at least one day, then there can be an intelligent conversation. There are support groups for people who share similar experiences such as grief, breast cancer, alcohol and other addictions, but not for racism.
    For the record, hate is not preached in black churches, but instead, love for all people with intolerance for injustice anywhere, and if that means calling America out, then so be it. So to call a preacher, minister, saint or friend unpatriotic because he or she sees the continuance of racial injustice in America and saying so, only cements the fact that racism is alive and well in this country. So do not be surprised if the future of America repeats its past because we have learned nothing.
    Lastly, I can appreciate black voices being given an opportunity to speak, but they by no means speak for me, particularly when they are on the network payroll. Black or white, Hispanic or Asian, none of us can continue to mistake a few years of higher education for intellect. So try using some knowledgeable and community-connected hosts, guests and anchors to discuss real life issues, especially about other cultures, races, and people. Then check the record book, look at our history, and you tell us whether Rev. Wright’s comments are not right on the money, no matter how harsh they may have been. As we would have preferred a more civilized way of making his statements, it would have made no difference because the track record shows it would have been short-circuited out of context anyway. However, black America is resilient and still here. Praise the Lord!

  95. Robbie, VA says:

    I am a 100 percent white guy from VA, and I was a little nervous about the clips that have been playing on the news channels. I thought Barack’s speech on Tuesday was amazing and will go down in history. Infact this speech will outlive him and leave a mark on generations to come. Now, having seen this clip of Reverend Wright’s sermon, I am no longer nervous. There’s nothing racist about it. The man is just passionate about bringing Americans back to treating people the way we want them to treat us. PERIOD. I am sending it to everyone I know, especially those who are happy about Barak’s downfall. One cannot claim to follow the Bible and not understand what this man is saying. One cannot claim to be democratic and not side with him. SHAME on you news media for twisting the facts. Spend moe time playing the while video and stop interviewing the Rev. Wright using racist narrow-minded people. GOOD JOB Rev Wright and now i think i understand where Barak gets his inspiration. Barak and Jeremiah = Best Duo for change in modern America. You 2 do your thing.

  96. Meredith says:

    Thank you for putting this up on your web site. Before I saw this video, I didn’t think badly of Barack Obama for keeping Rev Wright as family, but I am concerned this sermon was taken out of context–because the Rev Wright is black and because he’s anti-war. I’m even more disturbed that non of the other broadcast news stations didn’t do any fact-checking after Faux News.

    Rev Wright was right on the mark. I agreed with him in 2001, when I hadn’t heard the sermon, and I agree with him now.

  97. While the integrity of Rev. Wright should be beyond reproach, as well as, the reputation of Sen. Obama as a congragational participant, some of the raw statements of the Rev. Wright are difficult to context. Most are uniquely powerful and are very capable of standing on their own.
    The issue is not whether the message is right or wrong, but, rather, whether one agrees or disagrees with the message. They are only “inflammatory” to those who would disagree with the content of the message. Those that are offended by their out of context posturing are those who would tend to agree with the message. Moral outrage can be nothing more, really, than a very strong sentiment of disagreement.
    With all that said, however, the sense of helplessness and outrage people often experience concerning the power of mainstream media to “own the message” tends to muddy the waters and the message, as well as, discourage objectivity, no matter what side of the fence you are on regarding any particular issue.

  98. Can you show the second half of that speech where he said “God damn America” and “US of kkkA”? Also, hate doesn’t always equal killing, using the bible to condemn people who don’t agree with you is also hate.

  99. Rob says:

    Date of Wright’s speech is wrong; I believe he is referencing parts of Ambassador Peck’s interview from 10/8/01 on CNN’s Crossfire (not FOX). An interesting quote from Peck in the interview: “Because we don’t want to look at why, why it is that all of these people hate us. It’s not because of freedom. It’s not because Brittney Spears has a belly button or because we export hamburgers. They hate us because of things they see us doing to their part of the world that they definitely do not like.”

  100. baldeagle08 says:

    In response to Rob’s comment above, this video was taken the Sunday after 9/11, which I believe was 9/16. Not 10/18/01. So, no, he’s not talking about the CNN interview, he’s talking about Fox News, as he said.

  101. Is there anyway we can get one news channel to play the 911 sermon in it’s entity so that the world can here the truth for themselves instead of the sound bites that were played taking them out of context. we need to get on top of this before the Pennsylvania primary, i just heard the sermon and i can see that it was taken out of context. this was all done to hurt Senator Obama. Dr. Wright would not have made such hurtful tapes especially knowing that some americans would be hurt , he is to intelligent to do that. they played parts and speeded them up to sound indifferent Namely that sean hannity of fox news.

  102. Keith says:

    Thanks for your support of my pastor, The Reverend Jerimiah Wright, as a disciple of Trinity United Church of Christ, I know Rev. Wright to be a man who has the love of Christ in him. This love is directed to all humanity. I have been distrurbed by the heinous manner in which the media as characterized my church, the Trinity United Church of Christ and Rev Wright. It is utterly despicable. Reverend Wright loves the Lord and his country and its people, but as a man of integrity he will address the hyprocrisy of this nation and any thing that diminsihes the humanity of God’s people, whether they are Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Gay, Straight, citizen, foreigner or otherwise. He is a courageous man! I am happy that the word is getting out about the distortion that has been perpetrated by the media on the American people. Read the full sermon on Also, if you want clarificationabout the ministry of Trinity United Church of Christ check this out: Thanks for your support and continue to get the word out.

  103. NV says:

    It sounds like a lot of folks want us to believe that as a country we should “mind our own business” that getting involved in the conflicts of other nations and peoples is never justifiable and that the consequence is naturally and deservedly harsh. The motivations are called racist out of context, whether it is fiscal policy, or benefits, the underlying insinuation is the basis for an unfavorable result is racist,, After all, it happened before. If that’s true, if the government is favoring one race in its policies and all of us are waiting on the same government to change that ,then it’s really not the government’s fault is it? If we let the government determine if we will or will not be successful, if we let the past decide our actions in the future then there is no education there, it sounds more like a change of driver on the same bus to a racially divided nation. IF you want to believe that you are a victim of other people’s, man’s, decisions, then you are already a victim. If your Pastor is telling you that your life and the lives of your friends are bad because of his or others interpretation of what that government did, then you are a victim twice. First because you believe that you have no power to change your circumstance and second because you believe your government has more power than your Lord to change your circumstance. Each of us has to do what we can to help the other to the best of our ability. For those of Faith there is no greater expression of your faith in God than to use your gifts to help others and to intervene where God puts you to do the right thing. I do not think it would have been right for the United States to sit back while Brittain defended the World against Nazi Germany, even though there was a strong push to do nothing. I do not believe it would have been good stewardship of our gifted nation to let two dictatorships, one believing theirs was a god in man form, dominate the world and rule over us. I also do not believe it is right to sit back and let races anilate each other. Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan, Dalfor, North & South Korea (ideologies-Same Race), Vietnam (ideologies, same race), Helping arab states combat Soviet advances to get a cold weather sea port (afganistan), helping one government faction fight another one (and getting it wrong), yes the United States has gotten it wrong sometimes, but in this case, the reasons behind it are all assumed to be some evil plot and in some cases racist or religious bias. Once again I do not believe in accidents, I believe God has a purpose in every event we allow ourselves to get ourselves into. I see this country as truly generous and great but I also see what a lot of other folks see. A trend to where more than 50% of us pay no tax (myself included). That means we get to decide what the folks that actually support the country’s finances get to do. Somehow I do not think that will end well. I think it will divide us even more, racially, class, whatever you want to call it. We that do not pay won’t get enough and somehow the ones that do will be stealing it. If we really want to start healing wounds and move beyond race and class then everyone should pay a portion of their earnings period. That is fair but it will never happen. I know it won’t but I believe it’s right. I also believe it is right to stop using inflamatory words. If you say God —- America and you believe that God has given us the authority through Jesus to call on His name so that the Word we speak moves in the Spirit to become reality then you believe that by calling out God —- America that God will infact do so. I also believe that refering to anyone that misuses power and focusing on the fact that they are White, is intentional, and it is meant to further victimize black folks that white folks are out there trying to get them as though no black folks would ever try to hurt them. The right thing to do is call people what they are, call people by what they do. Men know men by their actions, if you are an evil man, it is certainly not due to your skin color. If your church is all white or all black you need to ask yourself why that is because you already know the answer. God holds us individually responsible for our actions. If you can’t go to a mixed church so be it, If you can and don’t —-why?

    God Bless each and every one of us. God move through each and every one of us. Use the power and authority you have through the gift of Jesus to call on the Lord in Jesus name to change your life and change your world through you. Don’t fall victim to man. Get out there and show the world God’s power through your actions and helpful efforts. Don’t blame others for what you know God has given you the ability to fix for yourself. Don’t let others do the work that you are able to do to help get God’s work done. Don’t sit idle when folks need help – join in and help. If you are part of a divide it is because you choose to be.

    Step out on faith. No note required, God already gave you permission and authority.

  104. William Jones says:

    How could I have been so naïve to trust CNN. For me, they’ve been the most trustworthy so far as reporting the election process and I wanted to get the real story without spending the time. I know Fox is biased, and the others, well, they seem to do what it takes to keep up. But this time it seems like the blogs got it right.

    When I first heard about this story, I knew that it had the potential to be taken out of context. I mean…are you kidding me? A church sermon? You could take a few lines out of the Bible too and damn that all to hell too. But could so many people, including myself, have been misled? I guess so, but at least now the truth is getting out.

    I thought CNN, and their more credible reporters, would tell the real story. Not so much. After watching the sermon for ten minutes, and I was convinced after about the first three, I realized the sermon was not hate speech. Neither was it anti-war, anti-government, or anti-America. It was about a Christian man of faith relating current world events to his specific congregation, from his Christian perspective. For those who believe God only loves America, this obviously doesn’t sit well.

    All have been so quick to judge and are alarmed by inflammatory speech by a Christian pastor. Since when was the Bible not inflammatory? Oh he did say “God damn America?” What part of America? Corporate America, American’s Domestic or Foreign Policy, Black America, American political or social institutions or how about the whole thing including everyone who was in the congregation. How could I have been so naive. Well if one believes that one group of people is better than the other and because of that they can attack and kill without reason, being naïve helps.

    I admit, I am one of the many who chose to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. On 9/11 I tasted blood. Rev. Wright’s sermon would not have been good for me that week. I was too eager carry-out my will against “the enemy” as they say. And that’s a lot easier without Rev. Wright’s rational reasons for not having hate like drawing on similarity between biblical lessons and 9/11, or talking about analyzing one’s relationship with Christ because of 9/11.

    No I want to hear “get those bastards for what they did to your country”….you know the things a pastor is supposed to tell you. Not really, and it’s unfortunate too many are still in “get those bastards”, “we got um”, and “mission accomplished” mode. So what CNN and others have reported could not have been further from the truth. Rev. Wright’s message was a peace message, not a hate message. Now, I highly doubt the relevance of Rev. Wright’s other sermons that the media has.

    Both Hillary and McCain were smart not to touch this one with a 10 foot pole.

  105. Angello Conner says:

    Wow! This is not getting enought exposure, someone should get this to mainstream media.

  106. Thank you Carol for forwarding this very important audio-visual testamony to me. As a South African born right before the passing of the law of Apartheid in my country. Growing up in exile (in a very politicised family) all over the continent and abroad.
    Losing both parents far away from home.

    We saw a long time ago how news was manipulated and doctored by the spin doctors of the powers that be, whether its fox, rueters, bbc, cbs, nbc ect. etc. This we were aware of while still on the continent, as far back as the 1960’s. One wondered if the world would ever wake up to all this manipulation and blatant lies.


    Mankind is moving into a new time and reality, and you’re either a part of it or not.

  107. I dont understand why that note has been added to my comment, what moderation am I waiting on?? I just added what I felt after watching the video!

  108. bizzarefoods says:

    Why does it matter that there were “black people jumping” ???

  109. Chad Minnick says:

    While this does seem to add more information, it only creates more questions for me.

    The only quote he attributed to Ambassador Peck was “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” The rest is all his own rant.

    He sounds like a pacifist, which is an even scarier thought to think of an American President and Commander in Chief as a dedicated pacifist.

  110. BlaxFax says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all the intelligent individuals who have now come to realize that the media hype with excerpts from a sermon is a fraud. You restore my faith in people of this country, although there are still too many minced-minded detractors residing here. This site (and YouTube) is so much more balanced that Fox’s The non-thinking super-patriots abound there. I like the comment that we have the right and duty to criticize our own country when it is wrong. No greater love can be expressed than when you are dealing with the problems in order to derive a more meritorious outcome.

    Also in a way, thank you to Dr. Wright for your Messeniac Message which finally gets this country to face its own true self and its own true enemy: Racism, Imperialism, Intolerance, Bigotry, Greed — and did I mention GREED?!?!

  111. Barry Monaghan says:

    I’m glad I got to see this for myself. Essentially he’s saying, “What goes around comes around,” which is an uncontroversial truism we all recognize. I also appreciated the broader point of self reflection, trying to understand what brought us here, and examining our relationship with God in times of hardship. All of those make sense to me.

    I’ve become increasingly distrustful of the 24-hour news networks and their panic-button pushing. This only confirmed what I’ve thought all along: Be suspicious of those who would whip you into a blind frenzy.

  112. James Washburn says:

    Pastor Wright is a voice that most super self-righteous patriotic Americans refuse to listen to. I happen to agree with Wright’s assessment of the America’s state religion.

  113. James says:

    It’s funny how folks who have *never* been to TUCC have all sorts of opinions of Jeremiah Wright. A few edited sound bites and now we know the man. No one is mentioning how hard he fights for those who are often left behind or forgotten, those with AIDS, the poor, sick, etc. The irony is that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has done more for Americans black and white than any of the people who are trashing him today. Before you judge him. please check out his actions – yes his ACTIONS and not just a snippet of something he said over 7 years ago.

  114. Margaret G. Coleman says:

    CNN and ALL of the other networks that published the lies about Rev. J, Wright’s sermon,”Confusing God and Government” owe the entire WORLD an apology for mirepresentation. Let’s see if they are honorable enough to APOLGIZE to the WORLD and to Rev. Wright -as well as to Senator Obama who has withstood all of this craziness and lack of logic.

  115. […] ^ a b Video of Wright’s sermon. Wright misidentifies Peck as Ambassador Anthony Peck […]

  116. PHYLLIS LUSTER says:

    Doesn’t America know the truth will set us free no matter which mouth it’s spoken from? Even the Reverend Wright’s mouth!

  117. WizDumCkr says:

    Come on open your eyes, America orchestrated 9/11. search NewWorldOrder on Imploded Proof

  118. Dave Elcock says:

    Truth is the first casualty in any war…..

  119. Tara says:

    This is one sick preacher!! He is pointing the hate finger to everyone and everything.. and he will be judged extremely because the bible is true. Judge not lest ye be judged.. he is hateful and doesn’t know the meaning of love or forgiveness , understanding or unity.

    His twisted and manipulated way he preaches is not close to Christianity. He does not even preach the power of God. His message is dark and gives power to Satan and does not even know the power of God.

  120. George says:

    I am sorry, I see that he refers to the Peck’s quote, but Wright really “gets into it” when he chooses to EXPLAIN WHY 9/11 happened.
    There is no explanation. YOU can not explain, defend, excuse, such cowardly act. He does in a very subtle way offer excuses. I find this no less disturbing. I do not trust the reverend. Besides, you all are forgetting that this is ONLY one of his sermons. His hateful sermon against whites, jews, Clinton, and the HIV virus conspiracy are also out there for review in the short or long format. Take a look. If you feel you were QUICK, IN CRITISIZING HIM THEN REVIEW THE REST. You will not like the taste “his kind of preaching” leaves in your mout.

  121. Rev. Dr. Titus P. Burruss, Jr. says:

    The attacks against Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama is really spiritual warfare, please read (Ephesians 6:1-17). the negative press are empowered by evil, H. clinton and Bill Clinton are empowered by evil. But they are fighting righteousness and they won’t win. Look at God: H. Clinton was exposed for the liar that she is and Bill clinton, you already now that story. Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama are righteous and will be triumphant. How else can a young black man run for President of the U. S. and do it with such momentum, He is under the divine direction, protection and anointing of God! only an anointed man on God’s mission can speak with such elloquence and persausive power. May our God ever hold Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama in the hollow of his hand.

  122. cheryl says:

    If you are truly an informed American stay away from Fox and their idiocy and learn to gain your own knowledge based on facts and not overemphasized fabricated stories created by networks that thinks you are too stupid to ascertain otherwise.

  123. When I saw and heard the phrase,”Chickens Comming Home to Roost”, I knew it to be associated with Malcom X. When I heard Sen. Obama, give such an eloquent speech, and not betray REv. Wright, it made me think even more how this man was able to stand up to adversty, and get to the heart of the matter, the unresolved issues of racism and hate, in an adult and educated manner rarley if at all displayed by the multitued who call themselves leaders, I called all that I knew with tears of joy in my eyes stating “Our President” has arrived. Someone who could help to save the planet and our human race from self destruction, by simply, teaching and showing how love and unity, could resolve even the most stubborn of issues in our lives. Some who could help to restore faith in our fellow man.
    Now to see the speech in context, only makes me sad as to how low man (woman), will stoop to maintain control of the status quo, and the evil it continues to breed.
    I applaude both the Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama, for their gallant demonstration of love and integrity.

  124. Levae says:

    Racist people will not vote for Barrack anyway. HE WILL BE THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT. He must keep his eyes and security team on point after dealing with the Clintons.

  125. I am deeply sorry for what has been done to The Rev. Wright, all for the purpose of bring down Obama. It did occur to me that its the handwork of the Clintons. to be somewhere at the bottom of this. I am the wife of a minister I know how what the preacher say is sometimes taken out of context, but this has gone far beyond mis communication, its dirty. follow the trail of dirt, and take a look at who profit most from this slander, Hillary Clinton. Do we relly want a president that has no moral?..Haven’t we had enough of that of the Clinton trade off of telling everyone what they want to hear,to accomplish the big prize of being in control. Hang in there Rev. Wright, you too Obama. A lot of people, including me believe in you

  126. DJ says:

    The media should be ashamed of their depicabel act of omissions. Thanks for showing the entire video. Our of context media production is criminal. I am happy Obama did not throw the Pastor under the bus.

  127. ryan says:

    Ok, I saw it in its context… I still don’t see where the media lied. You’re saying he isn’t angry and spiteful of America?

  128. baldeagle08 says:

    He spoke of the 9/11 attack as an “unthinkable act of violence”. He questioned what our response should be. He cited the quote of a white US Ambassador, Edward Peck, who made the statement that basically our violence over there is coming back to us. The media portrayed Wright as anti-American and praising the 911 attacks. He wasn’t, he was emphasizing that we’ve done wrong things as a nation, and others are doing wrong things to us. He didn’t approve of their act, but acknowledged it and said our response should be to realign with God.

  129. leonm says:

    It’s amazing how people can so easily forget what they want to forget, and remember what they want to remember. Why do we need to continue to ask the question “is america ready for a black president?” This statement in and of itself states that america is still hiding the racial problems. Until people grow up and deal with it, rather than get all upset and find so many faults in other people, we will continue to have these problems.
    Usually, when the truth comes out, some people will begin to scream and say things that are hidden deep within them. The Bible says that the mouth will reveal the deep matters of the hearts, paraphrased. Therefore, there are many of us with issues and faults, so maybe we all need to take a good look at ourselves, rather than diagnosing others.

  130. citizenwells says:

    “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

  131. Brian Hood says:

    So Rev. Wright was actually quoting or paraphrasing what was said
    (and televised) by Ambassador Peck, a white U.S. Ambassador?…. WOW!
    Not only was he paraphrasing someone else’s words, but he was saying STOP any further violence, hatred, and/or retaliation!
    I can’t help but get angry about the way the media portrayed this man.
    This was A GREAT SERMON!

    At the very least, we should ALL send e-mails to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News demanding that they show the Sermon in text since they were so diligent in portraying Rev. Wright as a “hate monger”!

    Brian Hood

  132. Ms. Maverick2U says:

    People this is really scary. The media is doing to us what Castro has done for years. Feed us a bunch of lies over the airwaves and dare us to find out the truth.

    There are going to be individuals who want to believe these things about Rev.Wright and Sen. Obama, but for other individuals who want to know the truth, well you know what to do. Pass this around like a chain letter. It works great on the internet. Send it if its not there already, Ed. Shultz, Air America, and any other sites you may be aware of.

    Our very own freedom is at stake. Note: I am not referring to the Campaign. Americans are no better off than the Cuban people.

  133. sharen says:

    Thank you for making this public. It is a very sad state as we have yet one more incidence of mainstream news not reporting the whoole truth!

  134. Brothercurtis says:

    “Good-job uncovering the truth..where is the N.A.A.C.P?

  135. What he is saying is completely reasonable and necessary. How can anyone advance as an individual or how can we advance as a nation if we cant even open our mind and examine our actions? America has committed many abuses and gross injustices in the world, from the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, to the enslavement of Africans, to the unjust wars in Central America, massacres in Vietnam, and backing up of brutal dictators. Many innocent people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also done many good things–such as the liberation of Europe from the mass slaughter of Nazism. Like any good athelete, preformer, surgeon, etc, we have to come to face with our mistakes, weaknesses, and sins and then rectify them. It is hypocritical on our behalf to have committed so many gross abuses as a nation and then to feel entitled to wreak the havoc of war on the world when suffering an isolated attack. We would do well to listen what the Pastor says and take heed. Also, people should listen to MLK’s speech about the Vietnam War, which you can hear on YOUTUBE, it was very insightful, moving, and as applicable to our world today and the war in Iraq as it was to the 60’s and the Vietnam War. We must open our minds and our hearts!

  136. Cheryl says:

    Thank you! We should all be as introspective as Pastor Wright.

  137. Mardell says:

    I was sad and happy at the same time after watching the entire sermon. I was happy that this Rev. was not a “nut”, and sad because I realize how corrupt the media. I will not believe Sean Hannity, Rush, Bill O’Reilly, and so many others.

    I had to do something, and I suggest you all do something as well. Email the media and call them and demand that they right the wrong they have done to this man by airing this entire sermon. Call ABC 323-671-5261, NBC 212-664-2333, CBS 212-975-4321. I could not find FOX’s number. If anyone have the number, please post.

  138. sherry says:

    That what the pastor is to do is to speak the truth.

  139. citizenwells says:

    I suppose Louis Farrakhan has been misrepresented too.
    His messages of racism, hate and anti semitism.

  140. superboxx says:

    Bill Clinton supported Louis Farrakhan in his million man march & speech, btw. But to the larger point, the media has a responsibility to tell us the truth, and they obviously didn’t do that here. And for those that were taken aback because Wright “got into it”, give me a break. He was emphasizing what the media would not, that American polices are not completely innocent. That’s just true, that’s not unpatriotic. And more importantly did you even hear what he was saying? Did you understand his point? He said the 9/11 attack was “an unthinkable act ” of violence. He was not praising it.

  141. Ronni says:

    Thank you for posting this. Someone posted this on Obama’s site. Frightening how so many people would rather believe misperceptions than the truth. Here is a segment from yesterday’s MEET THE PRESS that explains the dynamic of a black church. From Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

    DR. DYSON: It’s so true. The quote Dr. King was citing there was from Listen Pope, who was the dean of the Yale Divinity School, a white man. So even in his acknowledgement of this segregated social hour, Dr. King was acknowledging a tradition that has been acknowledged by white liberals.

    But here’s the tragedy. In black churches, things are said and done that may offend or somehow surprise the broad swath of white Americans, but the white church kicked the black church out, so to speak. The black church began in racial politics. When the white church subordinated its theology to its politics, black people had to leave because they didn’t want to worship equally. Black people then celebrate God in different ways, but they also–many, many similar ways to white America–but they also articulate the rage, the grief, the pain, the suffering, the agony. And they try to transmute that pain, suffering, grief and agony in light of their commitment to God.

    When you heard Jeremiah Wright, what you heard was the latter-day Martin Luther King Jr. When you hear Barack Obama, you hear Dr. King up to 1965. In black churches, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We have been subject to American genocide.” He also went on to say that he didn’t want to be treated the same way the Japanese brothers and sisters did when they were put in the concentration camps. And the sermon he was going to deliver, Tim, the next Sunday, were he to live, found in the effects after he was murdered, was a sermon called “Why America May Go To Hell.” That’s the Martin Luther King Jr. with which the broad swath of America is not familiar, and they don’t understand within the black church, the articulation of a theological tradition that responds to hatred, doesn’t respond in hate but prophetic anger and then, ultimately, love, love enough to speak justice to the nation. Justice is what love sounds like when it speaks in public, and Martin Luther King Jr. did this when he did–when he talked specifically to black churches

  142. Ronni says:

    Oh yeah, I totally agree with Pastor Wright. Pastors are supposed to hold up a mirror. John the Baptist got beheaded for holding up that mirror. Who wants a pastor who just gives us what our egos want to hear? I am sad that my friends who are supporting clinton are using the phrase, America, Love it or Leave It. I always thought that was the other sides ammunition. At least that is what I heard hurled at me everytime I marched whether it was against the Viet Nam War or the first Gulf war or prior to the Iraqi invasion. As Frederick Douglas said, “A true patriot is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins.”

  143. […] in Random Thoughts You know, the thing that bugged me about people getting upset about Barak Obama’s politically active pastor (in the classic and in my opinion patriotic American sense of “distrust the […]

  144. […] I still check out Digg quite a bit, and it’s obvious that Digg is extremely pro-Obama. I don’t know if I’ve seen a single pro-Clinton or pro-McCain story reach the upper echelons of Digg. Pro-Obama stories that, for instance, show the context of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s quotes, rather than just the awful sounding soundbites, have been Dugg to high levels, one in particular well over 3000 times. […]

  145. Curtis Sumpter says:

    How true. How true. Wow. This man didn’t deserve any of what he’s received. How terrible that he’s been ground into the dust, forced to retire, and all he’s done is tell the truth in love. Terrible.

  146. Bluebear says:

    I agree that the snippet being run by the media certainly does not show the biblical and historical references used by Reverend Wright to ultimately proclaim that the 9-11 attack was the chickens coming home to roost. Unfortunately, this is what we’ve come to expect from the sensationalist media who want ratings and political agendas advanced as opposed to an honest discussion of the events and issues of the day. This is probably something we can all agree on.

    What is troubling is that we cannot agree to universally condemn that aspect of the Trinity United Church that is troubling, if not reprehensible, to many American who are now being introduced to the preaching and teachings of Trinity United Church and its pastor.

    The full video does not exonerate Reverend Wright, but just adds support to the very disturbing picture coming out of the Trinity United Church. For anyone not blinded by their seemingly desperate attempts to rescue Senator Obama from his association with Wright and Trinity United Church, it is painfully obvious that Reverend Wright and his congregation believe America is not a force for good, but a force for evil. They believe America deserved 9-11 because evil “rich, white people” control the “USKKK” and use its war machine to commit evil acts upon people of color, both here and abroad. They believe that God should damn America, except of course, those Americans of color who are the innocent victims of ongoing white racism and oppression.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Reverend Wright’s politics or biblical scholarship, how can anyone justify Reverend Wright’s and Trinity United’s use of racial hatred and the ideology of separatism and supremacism to advance its cause? This is not exactly a formula for racial harmony. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have this ideology in mind when envisioning his dream for all Americans.

  147. baldeagle08 says:

    You’re wrong Bluebear, I think you should re-watch the video. When Wright speaks of the wrongs done by America he uses a very interesting word…”WE”. We did this, we did that, we bombed here, we bombed there. Seeing as there aren’t too many (if any) whites in the audience, who is this “we” he is talking about? The “we” is America, and he and the congregation are part of America. If what you’re trying to say was true, the whole sermon would have been full of “white people did this” and “white people did that” and “white people bombed here or there” there would be no “WE”.

    In fact, his footnote begins by quoting a white man. What kind of a man angry at all white people would use the words of a white person as a positive footnote in his sermon? His conclusion was not that white people should account for anything. In fact, he didn’t address white people or what they should do at all. He spoke of self reflection to a largely black congregation.

    I think if people are going to get past race issues, they need to start by improving communication. This means hearing what is actually said, not hearing an interpretation of what is said through some racial paradigm or theme paraded by mainstream media

  148. baldeagle08 says:

    You also speak of Rev. Wright and Trinity’s “racial hatred” and “separatism”, which seems to indicate that you do not know what “racial hatred” actually is, nor are you familiar with what “separatism” is. Research the death threats issued by those practicing racial hatred against African Americans. Many times it was simply sparked if blacks succeed or strive to better themselves. Read up on segregated schools, and blacks being spit upon, shouted at, and abused for daring to attend a “white” school. If speaking out against racism (even enthusiastically) makes you, in the minds of some, to be a “racist” or “hater”, then something is wrong. That’s not clear thinking. If you hit me and I say you hit me, does that make you the victim?

  149. Latricka W. says:

    Thanks for the AUDIO VERSION which is IN FULL unlike your video here because this video has the LAST PART OF IT CUT OFF so people can’t hear that Wright in fact AGREES that the “chickens have come home to roost” comment made by the Ambassador!

    I’ll be sure to pass out the audio version which is not edited as this video has been, then people will know it was NOT taken out of context at all.

  150. NTxOkie says:

    What part did they lie about?

    I agree media going to shutins and people in hospice was low but that is the main stream media for ya… Note that not Sean or Rush or any of the other talk radio people went looking for that.

    I listened to the sermon… He lies in the sermon… Stealth bombers dropped 2 bombs in panama offset from the barracks exactly with no one killed… the troops surrendered without a shot. Gernadia had enough weapons stockpiled to equip every man, woman and child with a dozen weapons, those people are glad we prempted communism there. He ignores that libya had supported terrorists who attacked us in the 80s. That is only a few of the errors.

    He ignores that blacks were sold into salvery by OTHER Blacks. He ignores the fact that now the lives of the poorest American Blacks is far better than most Africans.

    He says the God of those on the decks of the slave ships was not the God of those below decks praying for deliverance. I disagree. For one, I don’t think too many true Christians manned those ships. Is the God who delivered the Jews out of
    Egypt the same one that allowed them to go into Salvery? In my bible it says it was.
    What others meant for evil to the black race, God allowed to be used for good…How many discoverys like those made by George Washington Carver whould have been made if he was born in a tribal hut in Africa? He is just one example.

    When will Rev Wright talk about the evils of the party of the Jim Crow laws, the party of salvery, the party of KKK, the party against voter reform, the party of Planned (keep the blacks from breeding) Parenthood? That would be the Democrats… Wake up people.

    We are at war. We have been pretty much since its inception with islamo fascism.
    Its the Wrong Rev Wright’s Chickens who have came home to roost.

  151. Bluebear says:

    Baldeagle08. Thanks for your responses. I was making a general statement about that part of the Trinity United Church’s ideology and rhetoric that I strongly believe is racist, separatist and very divisive. Obama needs to address this aspect of the Church and reject it to satisfy many Americans who otherwise are impressed and encouraged by the Senator.

    The clip we are discussing, taken alone, is not racist or separatist or supremacist. You were correct in pointing that out.

    After 9/11, Wright asked his congregation to reflect on our country’s past and recent actions overseas and on this continent which he categorically condemns. In light of our country’s own transgressions, he cautioned against revenge and retribution toward the innocent. Reverend Wright used the saying “chickens coming home to roost” to explain his belief that America earned, if not deserved, the attack on 9/11. Whether Wright used the phrase from the Ambassador on Fox News or from Foghorn Leghorn is irrelevant. Wright used the bible, American history and the phrase “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” to argue that America brought 9/11 on itself.

    My charge of racism, separatism and supremacism is derived from, among other things, Wright’s and Trinity United Church’s “black value system”, his America is controlled by “rich, white people” sermon, and his “us against them” mantra. This part of Wright’s and Trinity United Church’s rhetoric and belief system was not part King’s formula for racial harmony. Wright’s rhetoric engenders racial hatred, separatism and divisiveness.

  152. baldeagle08 says:

    Hello Bluebear. I appreciate your comments, but I respectfully disagree that there is a part of Trinity that is racist, separatist, or very divisive. I have updated this blog, and this particular post, with links to Rev. Wright’s interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. I suggest you take some time, when you get a chance, and watch it in its entirety before you jump to make such claims. Rev. Wright also spoke today at the NAACP gathering in Detriot. It was shown on FOX News and CNN. In that speech, as he has consistently done in interviews with FOX and PBS, Wright emphasized that different races have differences, but NONE is “deficient”. He encouraged us to move past divisions and embrace each other, respecting each others differences. He began the speech by acknowledging his many Jewish, white, black, and Islamic friends, fellow pastors, rabbis, and the like.

    Racist, and separatists are very strong words. Separatists do not have members of different ethnicities joining as members in their church. Trinity does (both white and latino). Racists do not become close friends with people of different races (especially races they oppose), Wright did. A man who is truly hate-filled and racist would not sit down for an hour long interview with a man of the very race he hates.

    I believe Wright can be fiery (as can some white pastors, especially baptists). I think Wright can be edgy, but that’s not limited to topics on race, but also topics on other issues. But I do not believe that Wright, nor his church, can be labeled racist nor separatist, especially given the history of how black churches started in the first place. Black members were kicked out of white congregations, so they had to form their own. Whites fled to the suburbs rather than integrate, so those neighborhoods remained largely black. American culture embraced cruel “Christian” myths that blacks were inferior and more sinful by nature, that African culture was ape-like and uncivilized. Black self-esteem was so low, that some tried bleaching their skin (as Obama writes in his book Dreams from my Father), many tried straightening their hair, and other methods to feel more “human” according to society. The light skin/dark skin divide in black culture, where lighter skinned blacks were treated better and seen as better than darker skinned blacks, was fueled by this racist climate. And the television shows showed stereotypical ignorant blacks and Native Americans, while also showing hero whites and perfect white families like Leave it to Beaver.

    This is the climate Wright is from. This is the climate where he started this church.

    So black churches had to uplift and embrace black culture to keep their members spirits alive and assure them that God loves them too. And for people to take that, and think that by doing so, these churches were embracing racism, separatism, or division against whites, frankly, is mind-blowingly confusing. I can see how some of Wright’s words and the culture of Trinity might seem abrasive or foreign to someone of Caucasian descent who knows nothing about it. But after a little research and education on history and why things are, I can’t see the logic in calling it racist or separatist.

  153. baldeagle08 says:

    I’ve heard it put that racism is a system of power. Power is gained and maintained by those of one particular race through discrimination and even violence against another race (or races). Think about it, it’s 2008, and this is the first time we’ve ever had a viable black candidate for President of the US. Racism is greatly responsible for that. In the 1950s, it wouldn’t even be imagined that a black person would be Vice President, let alone President. During those times, blacks couldn’t even drink from the same water fountain or enter that same doors as whites, in certain areas. This not only oppressed blacks, but it empowered whites. The lack of competition with other races meant more opportunities, resources and privileges for whites. So, in a sense, racism was a boon for them, even though it was immoral.

    To accuse an oppressed minority group of this would mean that that oppressed group has gained power for itself, and denied power to the majority (and their oppressors) based on race. In other words, discrimination would be utilized by this minority against the majority, which is foolish and unrealistic in many cases.

    While I think there’s alot of truth to this definition, I find it incomplete. But it’s a good starting point in the discussion on race, racism, and the definition of racism.

  154. Bluebear says:

    Baldeagle08: Thanks again for your response. I agree with your description of racism by whites against blacks through the “system of power”. Undoubtedly, this form of racism will have a negative impact on black Americans for decades to come. I disagree, however, that the “system of power” racism you describe is the only form racism that is harmful to a society. There are many forms of racism.

    From the pulpit, Wright has substantial power in his community to influence his congregation’s views and, most likely, treatment of people of different colors.

    Regardless of the many good things that Wright is, he is also bigot. A “country controlled by rich, white people”? The “USKKKofA”? The constant use of the “us against them” mantra? His constant demeaning rhetoric towards whites?

    What about this rhetoric do you think is not bigoted, racist and, ultimately, harmful to everyone?

    And if you concede this is a form of racism, how can someone with such a deep and thoughtful understanding of the black experience not condemn this hateful, harmful and unproductive garbage that Wright and his congregation appear to embrace.

    Or, are black Americans entitled to be racist because of the racism they have had to and continue to endure?

    Or, does it really piss black Americans off that non-blacks are calling them out on their own racism?

    On my separatist accusation, I understand its roots and don’t condemn the black liberation church movement considering the circumstances of the past. But, this type of race based ideology is outdated and, above all, against the teachings of Christ. Would you not speak out against a church that advertised a white Christian value system? Or a church that openly promoted the support of white families, white businesses, white churches, white values, etc.

    It’s time to move forward. As Obama said, Wright represents the past. And I am hoping that Obama was right that Wright does not represent the “black church”.

    It’s pretty simple. Racism, separatism and supremacism in any form are wrong.

  155. Dan Byers says:

    this doesn’t change anything… it originally may have been out of context. but the fact that Obama LIED about his religious leader having beliefs like this is the disturbing part.

  156. superboxx says:

    Rev. Wright might be RIGHT that the US Government created AIDS! Check out this link:

  157. […] of sounding even more extreme, I think that many, though not all, of Rev. Wright’s supposedly extreme grievances against white America and the cycle of violence perpetuated by this country are actually, when read […]

  158. Chas. G. James,Sr says:

    Thank you ! I agree that the message was taken out of context,but could be misinterpreted by the way that he says things. He is an excellent speaker and “showman” . Very smart,and you can’t help but admire him. Thank God for Rev. Jeramiah Wright .

  159. Chas. G. James,Sr says:

    This is a accurate description of a man who has been misinterpreted,malaigned and hurt.

  160. Bill in Niantic says:

    I read all the Posts that say religion shouldn’t be brought up about the Canidates for President, yet the Media didn’t mind denoucing Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin! Gee, different set of standards I guess, dependent on which party is being attacked, huh?

  161. Jesus says:

    I am not a black man – I am Hebrew.

    I would not use our Fathers name invane to teach my Fathers flock.

    I would not teach racism of blaming another color.

    I would teach at a level everyone would understand including the media.

    I would teach – love. <

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