CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright. See ‘GD’ sermon in context


Full video and audio (mp3) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. Everyone should take time to watch or listen to this interview in its entirety, as it gives a full picture of Rev. Wright. The mainstream media has really gone out of its way to smear this man’s image and distort his message. They went so far as to all a woman in hospice who used to attend Trinity church, in order to find more “dirt” they could blow up in the news. Watch this interview and learn the truth about Barack Obama’s former pastor.


9 Responses to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright. See ‘GD’ sermon in context

  1. Ren says:

    Well, if you want to keep it in context, keep it going beyond 6:47. You cut it off, too.

    I wanted to see where he was going next.

  2. Aaron says:

    Agreed. Why stop at 6:47 when he was just was about to make the argue he was supporting?

  3. Aaron says:

    typo above: “argue” should be “argument”

  4. Artie says:

    The context of this speach does not really change when you view it in this clip compared to the smaller clip shown on the media.

  5. Jazzy Cat says:

    Well I did learn that Wright not only acted very judgemental in asking God to damn America, but he also lied about the 2000 election being stolen. That is false and Bush won even when the liberal media counted the votes.

  6. Bradley says:

    A Christian should be more concerned with saving souls than pointing fingers.

  7. Wrong about Wright says:

    I can understand his point that “governments change and God does not change” and that unjust governments fail, and he listed some examples of how the United States government has not upheld its principles in dealing with Native Americans, Japanese Americans, and African Americans.

    I agree with Ren and Aaron – this clip kind of leaves you hanging. I felt like he was going toward the “redemptive” rhetorical pivot – is it truly a case of God Damn vs. God Bless America? Was he going to say that we can learn from our mistakes and the government can redeem itself? Can we change and truly be blessed?

    I will say this, Rev. Wright’s sermons are thought provoking. When the sound bites first came up, I thought this guy was bad news, but I watched the other longer clips and I think he got a raw deal from his detractors.

    I will read Malachi 3:6 so I can figure out the Biblical context of his sermon. Good stuff. Please post the entire version, though. Thank you-

    Steve in DC

    I am interested in looking up Malachi 3:6.

  8. Don says:

    White people cannot understand this unless they truly understand and are willing to admit that this country, as great as it is, has a sordid pass. And yes, this country was built as a result of the eradication of a people and the slavery of a people. The truth hurts, but it is the truth nevertheless. Right on Reverend.

  9. S.D. Lucke says:

    As Arsenio used to say…”things that make you go hmmm” This is just another case of the media in these United States, twisting the words of a sermon for their own enterprise. CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC or CBS, have not aired the entirety of Reverens Wright’s sermon. Rather, they use the “snippet” of that sermon to divide and pull down the support of the one canidate who has the ability to unite us and overcome the divisions in this country! But, are we surprised with the medias actions: NO! During Katrina, they potrayed us (black people) in those two now classic Associated Press photos as looters, while white folks in the same situation were just “foraging for food” This is not new. This not a changing of the status quo in the modern day segragated U.S. This is business as usual. The lesson for black america is clear. Quit trusting the mainstream media for ALL of your information and then believing it to be totally accurate. Read, question, and search for the WHOLE story and not just the “snippets” that you see on t.v. As Bob Dylan once sang ” Oh the times, they are a changing” However, in reality, they really have’nt changed that much have they?

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