Racism from FOX News should cause the network to lose its FCC license.

An explaination of this photo is found here:

Someone’s baby mama is an urban term that refers to a woman whom you never married although you had children by her and you are no longer involved with her. By labeling Michelle as Obama’s baby mama, they are calling her a whore and calling their two children bastards. This is the likely next first lady and first family of the United States. This wasn’t just a comment that might have slipped out of someone’s mouth. This was a chiron that was preplanned to go with the picture of the likely next first lady. What would the Right do if a major media outlet had a picture of Laura Bush and a chiron calling her a whore and calling her two daughters bastards? Seriously how do you think they would react?

This type of behavior should not be tolerated!  FOX News is spitting on our Declaration of Independence which states that “All men are created equal”, and fanning the flames of racism that is the shame of America since it was founded.  This comes on the heels of the Obama/Osama gaffe by a Fox reporter who then joked of assassinating Obama.  Then, another Fox News anchor called Obama’s fist pound a “terrorist fist jab”, again referencing Osama Bin Laden.  If there aren’t consequences for this behavio, then it will continue.


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