Iraqi War Veteran shamefully politicizes his service

Upon first watching this video, it is easy to get caught up in raw emotion.  A young US ‘Iraq war’ veteran speaks passionately about his service, the service of our troops, and the importance of sacrifice for freedom.  He lectures Senator Barack Obama for saying our invasion of Iraq was a mistake, claiming that the sacrifices made by our troops has brought the Iraqis freedom that they haven’t had before.  He says Obama’s criticism dishonors the service of our troops, and that Obama doesn’t understand that freedom comes with a price.  Because of all this, the soldier says he’s backing John McCain, who has served our country and understands what it means to sacrifice for country.

Near the end of the video, the solider walks away from the camera to reveal what we can assume to be his wounds acquired from battle.  The man has lost a leg, and he has had it replaced with an artificial one.  As walks in the distance, the music “I’m proud to be an American” beings to play.  Then an image of John McCain comes up with the text “The day we lose our will to fight is the day we lose our freedom.”

I would first like to state that any criticism of this video is not intended in any way to demean or dishonor the service and sacrifice of this soldier or any of our troops.  We can honor their service without supporting this political video.  So I hope no one takes what I am about to say as an attack on our brave men and women in uniform.

Having said that, I can honestly say that this video is absolutely disgusting.  There is a reason that politicians are not supposed to use our troops for political gain.  Regardless of who wins, democrat or republican, our troops must serve in a non-partisan fashion under the Commander in Chief to protect our nation.  Senator Obama could very well be our next Commander in Chief, and it is dangerously harmful to our nation for those in our military to believe he dishonors or disrespects the troops.  Those sentiments are divisive and leave our troops weaker and more vulnerable.

The argument made in the video is really pretty silly.  There is a big difference between the decision a President makes to go to war, and the service and sacrifice our troops make when they are deployed to war.  It is like saying someone is disrespecting engineers and construction workers when they are critical of the “bridge to no where”.  It makes no sense.  This soldier might very well see some “thankful” Iraqi citizens who appreciate their new “freedoms” we’ve brought them in Iraq (at the expense of 4000+ American lives and who knows how many Iraqi and Iraqi citizens lives).  But that doesn’t mean the decision to go into Iraq following 9/11 was a good one.  We all know that Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda are still on the loose and have actually grown stronger since the US has been fighting in Iraq.  In a recent interview with FOX News, right wing news anchor Bill O’reilly told Obama that he was right in his judgment in 2002 that going into Iraq was a mistake.  So will this soldier also make a video bashing O’reilly?

There are a few fundamental American traits that the right wing has tried to hi-jack as strictly and exclusively belonging to their party.  Attributes like honor, patriotism, love of country, integrity, morality and family values.  By making these false claims of exclusive ownership, they indirectly paint their opponents (the democrats) as dishonorable, unpatriotic, not loving America, lacking integrity, immoral and lacking family values.  It appears this political spin (aka falsehood and propaganda) has affected the mind of this young soldier.

I wonder if he did he research and learned that, despite his opposition to the war, Obama voted consistently to fund the troops so they could have the equipment they needed in battle.  I wonder if he learned that Obama supported the new GI Bill that George Bush reluctantly passed and John McCain opposed.  I wonder if he took time to learn about the plans Obama has to reduce homelessness amongst veterans, and provide health care for those with PTSD.  I wonder if he learned that Obama’s grandfather (who helped raise him) was a WWII veteran, and his uncle was in the service as well (so he knows the value of service in his own family).  I wonder if that young soldier read a newspaper overseas, and saw how unpopular this war is even amongst our allies, and how it has dropped George Bush’s reputation both here in the US and around the world.  I wonder if that soldier learned of how popular Barack Obama is in America and overseas and how a strong part of why he is the nominee over Hillary is because of his judgment on Iraq.

I wonder if that soldier has been paying attention to the leadership in Iraq, which along with the Bush administration is now following Obama’s advice to set a timetable in Iraq to withdraw our troops.  I wonder if that soldier realized how arrogant and ridiculous he sounded to accuse Barack Obama of dishonoring our troops when even our troops are donating to the Obama campaign 6-to-1 over John McCain because they recognize Obama has better leadership ability and judgment than even this former POW.

In conclusion, this soldier dishonored his own servive by politicizing it to help John McCain.  Service is service, not a campaign ad.  I hope that young soldier realized that he wasn’t fighting for the Republican party, he was fighting for the United States.  Barack Obama is just as much a part of the United States as John McCain is.  And while you might disagree with him on his policies, it’s way below the belt to accuse him of dishonoring our troops because of that.  These baseless, insulting, false, and disgusting attacks have no place in our politics.  That US soldier should be ashamed of his political video.


11 Responses to Iraqi War Veteran shamefully politicizes his service

  1. Ben McPake says:

    Your so full of crap.

  2. Ben McPake says:

    It is obvious that the writer of this article has never had to fight or defend the United States.

    This is the USA, not Europe. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks about Obama. Why don’t you ask Israel and see what kind of response you get.

    We are the leaders of the free world because we do what is right, not what opinion polls in France or Germany tell us to do.

    And by the way, can you spell Palin?

  3. Connie says:

    You are an idiot. How dare you say he dishonored himself. It was his opinon and his money that made the ad. You are just mad because it makes Obama the holy one look like the empty suit he is. How can you say that your article in no way is intended to dishonor or demean the service of this soldier and then go on to say this soldier dishonored himself by politicizing his service. You missed the two key words in that sentence. HIS SERVICE. So would you say that service men and women who are speaking out in favor of the Obiden ticket are also dishonoring themselves? I would not because they fought for us. They have the right to say what they want regardless who of it makes look good or bad because helped to protect the freedom that you and I enjoy.

  4. baldeagle08 says:

    Looks like we have some emotionally charged responses, which I suppose was inevitable. However, my points in this post were very clear and logical. Politicizing one’s service to this country is a shameful thing to do. I explained extensively why this is, and every politician knows it’s shameful as well, which is why they don’t use our troops for political gain in campaigns. I hope voters can be adult about this, and take an object view. Criticizing this man’s video is not criticizing his service nor his decision to serve. And service shouldn’t make you immune from criticism, especially if you are using your service for political purposes.

  5. John Tisue says:

    You are teh one who is shamelessly politicizing this mans right to free speach. HE HAS ONE HELL of a lot more right to express his opinion than you. YOU ARE A POMPOUS BASTARD to denigrate his service and his right to express his opinion.

  6. baldeagle08 says:

    Sorry you disagree John Tisue. I have to remind people that just because you served this country doesn’t mean you’ll be right about everything you say. This man has a right to his opinion, and I have a right to mine. However, we don’t have a right to our own facts, and it is a FACT that our US military and the service of our troops is NOT to be used as political campaign attacks. Everyone knows that.

  7. Flint says:

    Wow – you really think that the troops would respect an Obama presidency until and unless they see this ad?

    Do you seriously think our active duty men and women supported and respected Bill Clinton?

    C’mon – let’s be real here.

  8. baldeagle08 says:

    They would be very stupid not to respect their commander in chief Flint, I think you know that. Internal divisions and divisiveness only weakens the military. duh!

  9. Jeffrey says:

    Here is a marine with a different point of view:

  10. JB says:

    You need some support here. Not sure why people who really dislike what you say post here, but oh well eh? They’re at least reading. And I find that those who need a cleansing of their principles typically are very outspoken against what they think are the wrong ideas…again at least they are reading you by the sounds of it!

    You are certainly not full of crap, and I like how you reason with the world.

    Never stop please. My father fought for the US. He was not American. He was dishonored by political decisions made in his “favour” too. He saw a lot of good friends die before the country pulled out of that battle. I think Iraq and Afghanistan will be more of the same. If America does not rethink it’s place in the world it will be very lonely, very broke, and feeling very isolated.

    People generally love America…except for those ruling it. Don’t let that feeling spread to the “want” of what America has to offer. I know many who wouldn’t consider emigrating there these days. Even for work. Think about that for a second.


  11. Joe says:

    Alot can be learned from an idiot. If you think you are beyond such a lesson, think harder.

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