Young Republicans pose as Obama supporters to misrepresent Obama

Are Republicans supposed to be the party of “Christian family values?”  Are they supposed to be the party of “small town America” with “small town values?”  Isn’t this the party that James Dobson and evangilicals align with?  If so, then how are they tolerating such dishonest tactics to win an election?  On top of the smear ads that John McCain has been running (ads so dishonest that even Karl Rove and Fox News acknowledged they were misleading), young Republicans appear to join the Obama team and make FALSE calls to voters on behalf of Barack Obama.

From their facebook group, Clandestine Young Republican Obama Neighbor to Neighbor Infiltration Club!, they write:

Folks, thanks to Obama’s web 2.0 platform, anyone can play the CONTACT AN OBAMA VOTER in PA game!

Here’s what you Republicans need to do:
1. Go to and register (it takes about 30sec.)
2. Sign up for Neighbor to Neighbor with your Obama-identity
3. Google a random city in PA (Not Pittsburgh or Philly), get the address and phone number for a local pizzeria or business.

Keep in mind when making these calls, that you’re not trying to persuade people to vote for John McCain. You’re also not trying to lie to them either.

Your goal should be to present the clear facts about Obama’s ultra-liberal record – everything from his 500% tax increase on firearms he proposed in Illinois to his plan of redistribution of wealth from the rich down to those who are poor. Find the talking points (I will soon post some of my own) and smilingly deliver the great message that make up Obama’s policies!

It also doesn’t hurt to make fun of John McCain while you’re at it. Here’s a good one:
“Have you seen Obama’s new commercial about John McCain? …ha… It’s so funny! John McCain can’t even use a computer – what an idiot. I mean he can’t even type on a keyboard… He says it’s because he lost control of his fine motor skills when he was beaten as a POW! Isn’t that ridiculous! I think it’s funny.”

Remember, this is serious. You don’t want to ever lie about Obama. His liberal policies are enough to scare away Independents. Also, while you want to keep it authentic by sounding like an elitist snob or hippie college student, you must realize that real people are on the other end and you must treat them with respect.

Good luck and SHHH!!! We want this to remain a secret. Clandestine operations such as these shouldn’t get out!

How sad.  I guess Obama was right.  Republicans really can’t run on the issues this year, so they are resorting to smears, deceptions, and out right lying.  Some “values” huh?


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  1. Mark says:

    Go to “” just some interesting info on your favorite canidate

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