Why is Barack Obama Black? (video)

January 27, 2009


Tiger Woods should see this video. I like Tiger, but…he should still research the one drop rule. Yes America has progressed. Yes we are happy that race relations are improving. However, we cannot simply dismiss history as if it has no relevancy to us today. We cannot create this meaningless category called “mixed” in efforts to be more “accurate” and right past wrongs.

Why is “mixed” meaningless? Because someone with a Latino father and an Asian mother is “mixed”. Someone with a white father and a Native American mother is “mixed”. Someone with an Indian father (from the country of India) and a black mother is “mixed”. Someone with an Arab father and a Cuban mother is “mixed”. As the video states, 80% of African Americans come from “mixed” backgrounds. Take a look at Rosa Parks, doesn’t she look “mixed” with something? Malcolm X was also “mixed”, but how do we refer to him? How was he seen and treated in America?

I am happy that America is progressing and I am excited about us perfecting our union. I am encouraged by this past election and hopeful about our future. Will we ever reach a point where we can simply refer to ourselves as “Americans”. Yes, I think so, and in some ways we can do that accurately right now.

However, history does matter. It is important to know who your ancestors are, and how you got to where you are in order to fully appreciate where you are and make sure we don’t repeat past mistakes. One could argue that Barack Obama’s father is from Kenya, but Obama was not raised in Kenya. He was raised as an American, His 4 years in Indonesia gave him unique experiences, but his grounding is in America. After reading “Dreams from my Father”, it is clear that Obama understands what it’s like to be a black American, even growing up in a white household. In some ways, black kids adopted into white families might be able to relate closely to Obama’s upbringing. Yes, Obama is half white. Yes, his white family members loved and raised him. Yes, that is a wonderful thing, and yes it should be acknowledged. But outside of the home, walking down the street with an afro and a basketball, America saw Obama as black. America treated Obama as black. And as Obama said in a 60 minutes interview, in America, if you look black, then that is how you are treated.

Again, great video. Please watch it and feel free to comment.


Newly elected Mayor forced to step down due to terrorist threats

January 26, 2009


This story is disgusting on so many levels. America should not tolerate the existence of these domestic terrorists within our borders, especially if they are seeking to remove democratically elected officials from their positions by personal threats to their families and their lives. Sick.

I can see Russia from my crib!

January 24, 2009


Available here.

Take Pride as an American, take pride!

January 22, 2009

America is a young country, yet again and again we surprise ourselves and the world with the living power of our ideals and our values, and the core decency and generosity of our people. On Tuesday, Americans of all backgrounds gathered together in celebration of ushering in our new President, Barack Obama. Just the warmth and civility between the outgoing President and his administration and the in coming President and his administration speaks volumes about the true greatness of America!

Tuesday was not merely Obama’s victory, nor was it merely black people’s victory. No, Tuesday was America’s victory! Citizens and politicians with completely opposing political views to our new President were able to celebrate as Americans, just as much as Obama’s most fervent supporters.

Many people, black and white (and every race in between), fought hard (bled and some died) for what happened on Tuesday. However, their deaths were not in vain. Many nations around the world face fighting and conflicts within their borders, some of which has lasted for generations and generations with no end in sight. But here in America, this young nation has proved, through the power of our ideals and the strength of our Democracy, that we can overcome even our greatest odds and tribulations. As Obama put it “America can change. That is the true genius of America”. And genius it is!

Yes, if you are an American, take pride! Whether you voted for Obama or against him, or even if you didn’t vote at all, take pride as an American! We truly are a great great nation.

The shooting of Oscar Grant by BART Police. 3rd video, NEW angle

January 11, 2009

Here’s the video

Be warned, the video is disturbing. It shows the shooting very clearly, as well as the sickening treatment of Grant after he just got shot.

Here is a pretty good response to it. It has strong language, and you’ll have to skip the intro which last about 1:05 in or so, but the man gives some perspective from a military perspective how we should view this shooting.

Obama, a class act

January 8, 2009


He was not bluffing when he spoke of bringing this country together. After appointing his “team of rivals” cabinet, sitting down with Sen. John McCain and reaching out to Democratic and Republican governors, President-elect Barack Obama’s idea to meet with all 4 living (former) Presidents was like icing on the cake. Obama is clearly setting the tone he had promised during the campaign, of moving past our differences and lifting this country up together. Bringing hope to America. Bringing change to America. Bringing unity and respect back to America. Yes we are! (Yes he is!)

Awesome face Obama designs

January 2, 2009