Newly elected Mayor forced to step down due to terrorist threats

This story is disgusting on so many levels. America should not tolerate the existence of these domestic terrorists within our borders, especially if they are seeking to remove democratically elected officials from their positions by personal threats to their families and their lives. Sick.


One Response to Newly elected Mayor forced to step down due to terrorist threats

  1. Maggie Johnson says:

    I was really sicken about this. Why did he run for mayor if he as afriad. What message is he sending to other African American youth that is considering running for a political ofice. I hate to see someone that is afraid to die for what he or she believs in.

    That was a waste of time for the people that voted for him. He really let them all down. Now who is going to sit in the office as mayor a KKK. Hell to the No.

    I am truly sadden about this. This is America. The racist contient in the universe. You got to be willing to die for something. I just don’t understand. We cannot continue to live in fear of another race. Just like Donna Brizzare said. It is a whole lot of us not going to the back of the bus. I know that I will not. I hate it for you. God has bless us well beyond this. You should have call President Obama. Maybe he would have sent you some secret serviceman. Come on Man!!

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