CNN places President Obama in women’s clothing



Today, CNN placed a cut out of Barack Obama’s head over an image of Hillary Clinton’s clothes (here’s the video).  Why?  They reported that the company that makes a number of Obama’s suits has gone bankrupt, but Obama’s Secretary of State’s clothing designer is still in business.

Even if the graphics editors and chief directors were all openly flaming homosexual crossdressers, this move is insulting and unprofessional.  Whatever the staff members at CNN choose to do in their own personal lives is their business, but there should be some standards for work that they adhere to.

While CNN does have a habit of running stupid and completely purposeless segments routinely (ie: a Jeanne Moos report), there should still be some lines that are not crossed.  Placing the first African American preisdent of the United States in women’s clothing is one of those lines.


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