Are Conservatives hypocrites? What would they say if this was President Obama?


Football in the Oval Office???

What would conservatives say if a photo of President Obama surfaced with him doing this?

My guess is that they would be horrified!! They would rant on and on about how un-Presidential, childish, “ghetto”, unprofessional, unbelievable, classless, immature, disrespectful and outrageous this is!

I can just hear it: “The President should show some RESPECT for the office!!! What does he think this is??”
“You know, even my 7 year old son knows better than this. He is not allowed to play ball inside, especially not inside of my office. Maybe we should have elected him for President.”
“Now we can see how stupid “liberals” are. They HATE America, and take every chance possible to disrespect it. What a joke!”
“This President is sending a disgraceful image around the world. Who is going to respect us, if they think our President believes his office is a playground?”

I surely hope this is a photoshopped image, and not a real photo, but my guess is it’s the real thing. I wonder where the backlash was? I wonder if this image made front page news.





They are replacing Jesus Christ with Ronald Reagan!!!!



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