Rush Limbaugh uses BLASPHEMY to open at CPAC 2009. How will the religious right respond? Will they DENOUNCE him?

Watch this video from 3:00 minutes in up until around 4:30.

UPDATE:  Here is the joke isolated, so you don’t have to skip through the video

Rush Limbaugh opens by telling a joke in which he said God was trying to be him. On God’s throne were the words “Rush Limbaugh” because God wanted to be like Rush.


This blasphemy should set off an ERUPTION of OUTRAGE and DISBELIEF across the nation, particularly amongst the religious conservative right. Even the Jewish and Muslim communities should get angry at this one.

We’ve heard routine praise about Rush Limbaugh from religious conservatives, most notably from Mike Huckabee who has in the past said he loves Rush.


Huckabee emphasized to Fox News his admiration of the nation’s No.1-rated talk-radio host.

“I love Rush Limbaugh,” he said. “I think he’s one of the great voices for American conservatism, and I’m not sure what information he is basing those thoughts on, but I think he’s been one of the great voices to help people understand what conservatism is.”

Huckabee said he’s “been a big fan of his show for many years, and I hope to make it so that someday he loves me as much as I love him.”

Now that Limbaugh has opened up to the world that he is comfortable blaspheming God, will we see a backlash from the religious right? Will religious conservatives, who rejected Obama’s call for hope and change, speak out against obvious blasphemy? Will Focus on the Family speak out against this powerful radio personality for the GOP? Will we hear from James Dobson? Will Mike Huckabee, who was also a pastor (and might still be) denounce Rush Limbaugh and remind Americans that the GOP does not stand for BLASPHEMY??

WHO FROM THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT WILL DENOUNCE RUSH LIMBAUGH?? Does anyone have the integrity to do so?

America and the world are watching.

EDIT: Will Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson say anything?

EDIT2: Some say this is was just a joke. Is blasphemy a joke?


4 Responses to Rush Limbaugh uses BLASPHEMY to open at CPAC 2009. How will the religious right respond? Will they DENOUNCE him?

  1. mel says:

    You didn’t get that joke at all. He wasn’t being blasphemous, he was being sarcastic. God really needs to give you a sense of humor, because Rush is one of the few that have the ability to stand toe to toe with Obama. Quit sweating the little things and look at the big picture. You should be appluading him for calling out the Dems. Obama approves of infantiside and you getting nit picky over a joke. Wake up! Quit trying to demonize someone on your side! Its like a starving person complaining about the cooking!

  2. David says:

    mel, That is blasphemous. We already have a sense of humor. God doesn’t make mistakes. This is a joke with no taste. How can anything out of the mouth of the unrighteous be OK? Mocking and making blasphemous statements about God seem to be the trend today among you fake Christians.

  3. Jolyn says:

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  4. Joe says:

    Rush does not represent religion or the right. This is as simple as understanding that Obama does not represent the taxpayer who supports the Union.

    Get over the political hyperbola and grab a sense of getting with categories of people who seem to be above what they ought to be doing.

    Pompous people think they can have that which they are not willing to work to own. Arrogance are those who have which they believe others ought pay to maintain.

    I’m sick of black and white and green polka dotted Americans that believe they need not take care of their own responsibility.

    Conservation is an act of cutting off the irresponible… Wasteful is allowing exploitation.

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