President Obama vs. UConn Basketball champs

April 29, 2009

Glenn Beck’s dressing room

April 26, 2009

I didn’t make this, but it’s funny and should be true

Media coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama: realistic or ridiculous?

April 24, 2009

For weeks now, “news” sites like, and others have been drooling over every external aspect of the first black First Lady. We have heard her titled “Mighty Michelle”, “First Lady of Fashion”, “a Fashion icon”, “a modern Jackie O”, and on and on and on. We have seen every article of clothing she has worn be critiqued, rated, and often praised to no end as some brilliant fashion choice. I recall seeing Chris Matthews of MSNBC drooling over her appearance at the State of the Union address, and Jack Cafferty exclaiming that “he has a crush on Michelle Obama.”

What is going on here? Is all of this coverage reflect what is realistic, or does it teeter on being somewhat ridiculous?

Michelle Obama was not known for her fashion choices before her husband ran for office. She was not a super model or fashion runway diva. I do not recall hearing her name in the same breath as Naomi Campbell, Iman, Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks. In fact, Barack did not meet Michelle at a photo shoot, but he worked under her at a law firm. So where is all of this fashion hype coming from? Is it driven by the struggling fashion industry, desperate to make a star out of any super high profile icon?

Concerning Michelle’s fashion, it is mixed. Some of her choices look excellent on her, and others seem somewhat experimental. When you listen to the First Lady speak, she sounds like a lawyer. She is strong, determined, and insistent on making her points and supporting her beliefs/stances. She does not sound like Halle Berry or Sade Adu, nor are her mannerisms completely soft and gentle.

This is not a knock on the first lady. My only wish is that the media would cover Michelle Obama for who she is and for the strengths got her here, as opposed to some gleeful fantasy in which only the external and superficial are acknowledged or praised.

Let’s get this straight, Michelle Obama is pretty. She is not unbelievably drop dead gorgeous (as the press would have you believe) and she is not unattractive (as some mean spirited conservative citizens would have you believe). She has a nice smile, great figure, beautiful engaging eyes, and youthful skin. However, what is most attractive about her is her humanity. She has her flaws like we all do, but she does her best with what she has and encourages others to do the same. She’s raised two lovely daughters, and supports her husband in a loving way that strengthens both of them. She keeps up with her fitness and watches her diet, which is admirable in this increasingly obese society. But most of all, she is genuine. What you see is what you get, and she cares about the youth.

I think the press would honor the first lady more if they discussed her character more than her shoes. Millions of women across the globe would love to be the wife of President Obama, but Michelle has captured his heart and loyalty. He was incredibly protective of her against GOP attacks (Remember “lay off my wife”), and grew agitated over rumors of an email relationship with Scarlett Johansson and videos from Obama girl. The President is always quick to praise his wife, even calling her the rock of the Obama family. And President Obama does not appear to be a superficial man. He does not chase after any short skirt out there (like a number of Washington politicians and past Presidents have), but he has found lasting value in Michelle, which means he knows a good thing when he sees it. Despite her initial rejection, the President was “persistent”, and their relationship has flourished and lasted while the same cannot be said for many of Hollywood’s hottest.

So the media should look at other things about Michelle, what makes her a beautiful person inside? What makes her a wonderful mother for her daughters, even as she juggles work as the first lady? What about her value for education that took her to some of the nation’s top Ivy league schools, and had the President working under her for a time? What about her resilient spirit that did not allow fear of racist threats or the stress of our current crisis talk her out of supporting her husband’s Presidency?

There are alot of things the press could and should focus on if they are talking about the nation’s first black first lady. And zeroing in on her belt, her shoes, her new hair style or sleeveless dress is a pretty empty choice.

Angry tea crowd boos GOP Congressman

April 18, 2009

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April 17, 2009
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Return of the “peasant” class

April 16, 2009

The Peasant class returns

It is hard to say it any better than the video above says it. People at the tea bag parties around the country are full of misdirected anger and hatred. Their behavior is completely irrational, ignorant and ironic. They will be receiving one of the largest tax cuts in recent years, and they are in a fury about taxes? They are calling the President a fascist, and they do not even know what the word means. Rachel Maddow also uncovered alot of not-so-hidden racism within this bunch, including posters of President Obama as a shoe shine boy.

They make a small, yet convenient army for the rich in this nation, whom taxes will affect the most after the Bush tax cuts expire. Their anger and demonstrations will not improve their lives. Nor will their hatred towards our President, who is actually trying to pass policies that will help them.


President Obama’s speech on the Economy

April 15, 2009

Youtube link

Two of the great strengths of our President are his calm demeanor and his ability to communicate clearly and analytically what he believes and why. One reporter mentioned that this latest speech was like an Economics 101 class, in terms of its presentation. To often in politics, substance and reasoned explanations are replaced with high volume emotion and fear mongering. Take Glenn Beck for example. He might very well have some legitimate concerns and good arguments to make against some of the policies from this administration. However, his over-the-top “dooms day” rants, and ridiculously immature behavior (like pouring “gasoline” on a guest spokesman or drawing cartoon pictures of “Jesus” representing the President) prevent many independents and most mature adults from taking anything he says seriously. He just comes across as an idiotic and potentially dangerous buffoon.

While Keith Olbermann might not be as crazy as Glenn Beck, he would still add more credibility to his stories if he calmed down the mockery, the anger rants, the “worst person in the world” garbage, and just spoke plainly about the issues facing our nation. One could argue that these are media personalities, and thus a certain level of “entertainment” value is necessary to increase viewership. But the issues they are discussing are real to the American people. If they are discussing war, torture and our military, or health care or government response to natural disasters, or the record job loss, these are not “entertainment” issues, they are real and should be treated with a manner of seriousness and respect.

And as for the politicians, the Dick Cheneys, Rudy Giulianis, Michele Bachmanns and the like in both parties should remember that we are Americans first and should respect fellow Americans even if they are in the opposing party. You don’t need over-the-top rhetoric or insane fear mongering to prove your point, if you have a good point. If you have sound reasons to support the policies you do, then simply explaining them as the President has here will gain you much greater respect, attention and possibly support.

Even for those that disagree with the President’s economic policies, it cannot be denied (after hearing this speech) that he has thought through them thoroughly and has sound reasons for his beliefs. This isn’t some wild liberal idealism. It is a practical approach to restore the economy and secure America’s future.