What McDonald’s means to you


As a kid, following your school soccer game, McDonald’s is a gift. It is almost as if you are being rewarded with McDonald’s food for playing a good game.

As a poor person, McDonald’s is a savior. Nothing is better than knowing that you only need 4 quarters + tax to get a decent sized meal (double cheese burger + a water) to survive. I suppose one could argue for Ramen soup as an even better economical choice, but McDonald’s is a close 2nd.

As a health expert, McDonald’s is the devil. You should never ever ever eat there. It will just make you fat and ruin your workouts. It just bad for you all around. It makes you feel bad, there’s way too much sodium and fat. It’s one choice that should never be in your diet.

As a McDonald’s employee, McDonald’s is a gift. I’ve had friends that say they get free meals there. They’d bring back 40 chicken nuggets, and two buckets of fries. It’s just one perk for working there, free food.

As an emotional eater, McDonald’s is a friend. Had a rough day? Boss cussed you out? Well a 10 piece chicken nugget meal, 2 apple pies and a coke will cheer you up!

And finally, as an obese person, McDonald’s is a threat. It’s a literal threat to your life. You will always be reminded that McDonald’s is KILLING YOU. Do not eat there unless you want to die.

If, ultimately, McDonald’s means death, then why doesn’t it always mean death?  In other words, for the kids who just won their soccer game, why should their parents “reward” them with death? (aka McDonald’s)  For the homeless person looking for a meal, why should they worsen their difficult lives with the death that McDonald’s brings?  For the McDonald’s worker, they should not view a McDonald’s a free meal as free “food”, but rather a risk to their health and increase to their medical bills.  For the lonely emotional eater, they should view McDonald’s as just another troublemaker to their lives, only worse.

McDonald’s will only continue to push their food as long as the public is willing to pay for it.  And paying for it seems to be done twice by Americans.  They pay once when they buy the food, and again when they receive the negative consequences.


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