President Obama’s speech on the Economy

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Two of the great strengths of our President are his calm demeanor and his ability to communicate clearly and analytically what he believes and why. One reporter mentioned that this latest speech was like an Economics 101 class, in terms of its presentation. To often in politics, substance and reasoned explanations are replaced with high volume emotion and fear mongering. Take Glenn Beck for example. He might very well have some legitimate concerns and good arguments to make against some of the policies from this administration. However, his over-the-top “dooms day” rants, and ridiculously immature behavior (like pouring “gasoline” on a guest spokesman or drawing cartoon pictures of “Jesus” representing the President) prevent many independents and most mature adults from taking anything he says seriously. He just comes across as an idiotic and potentially dangerous buffoon.

While Keith Olbermann might not be as crazy as Glenn Beck, he would still add more credibility to his stories if he calmed down the mockery, the anger rants, the “worst person in the world” garbage, and just spoke plainly about the issues facing our nation. One could argue that these are media personalities, and thus a certain level of “entertainment” value is necessary to increase viewership. But the issues they are discussing are real to the American people. If they are discussing war, torture and our military, or health care or government response to natural disasters, or the record job loss, these are not “entertainment” issues, they are real and should be treated with a manner of seriousness and respect.

And as for the politicians, the Dick Cheneys, Rudy Giulianis, Michele Bachmanns and the like in both parties should remember that we are Americans first and should respect fellow Americans even if they are in the opposing party. You don’t need over-the-top rhetoric or insane fear mongering to prove your point, if you have a good point. If you have sound reasons to support the policies you do, then simply explaining them as the President has here will gain you much greater respect, attention and possibly support.

Even for those that disagree with the President’s economic policies, it cannot be denied (after hearing this speech) that he has thought through them thoroughly and has sound reasons for his beliefs. This isn’t some wild liberal idealism. It is a practical approach to restore the economy and secure America’s future.


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