Return of the “peasant” class

The Peasant class returns

It is hard to say it any better than the video above says it. People at the tea bag parties around the country are full of misdirected anger and hatred. Their behavior is completely irrational, ignorant and ironic. They will be receiving one of the largest tax cuts in recent years, and they are in a fury about taxes? They are calling the President a fascist, and they do not even know what the word means. Rachel Maddow also uncovered alot of not-so-hidden racism within this bunch, including posters of President Obama as a shoe shine boy.

They make a small, yet convenient army for the rich in this nation, whom taxes will affect the most after the Bush tax cuts expire. Their anger and demonstrations will not improve their lives. Nor will their hatred towards our President, who is actually trying to pass policies that will help them.



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