Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

Part #1

Part #2

Above are a few video clips from the video “Consuming Kids”. It is an amazing film on how marketers and advertisers (aided by deregulation and dilution of power of the FTC in the 1980s & under Reagan) are targeting children like pedophiles. They are extremely aggressive, taking on an amoral approach to converting infants into life long loyal consumers of their products (whether it is good or bad for them). Cartoons were made for the sole purpose of selling the toys. Even schools are now taking field trips to malls and stores, and having gyms sponsored by companies like Pizza Hut or Pepsi. Marketers have done brain scans on babies to see what stimulates them the most. They’ve even followed children into the bathroom or observed how they bathe all as a part of “research” on how to target them to sell products.

This video is extremely eye opening and disturbing. Marketers are only interested in their bottom line, and their actions have contributed to many problems we now face including childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, social anxiety/depression, teen pregnancy, etc. I have only posted two parts out of seven in this post, you can see the rest on youtube or I may follow up by posting more in an update.

Every parent should watch this video.


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