Drudge reports on “Obama’s evil eye”

June 30, 2009



Yes folks, it’s true. They’ve got nothing.


RIP Michael Jackson: King of Pop forever

June 26, 2009

You were a multi-generational genius who brought joy to people across the world. You will be truly missed by millions. Rest in peace.

More racism from the GOP

June 16, 2009

Look at the image above. It shows photos of all of our Presidents, except for the last one. Look at the lower right corner, and you will see a pitch black image with two bright wide eyes popping out. This was supposed to represent President Barack Obama, our nations first black President.

So where did this racist image come from? Was it sent by the KKK or another crazy lone racist like the man who shot up the Holocaust museum recently? Or was it emailed by a troubled 4th grader, who gained influence from racist relatives? No, this image came from the Tennessee GOP. It was sent by Sherri Goforth, an executive assistant for Tennessee State Rep. Diane Black (R-Gallatin), to other legislative staffers. The email was headlined “Historical Keepsake Photo.”

This after another Republican, this time from South Carolina, posted that a gorilla who escaped from the zoo was one of the first lady’s relatives.


It is really sad that Republicans are so comfortable with racism in 2009.