“Investing In America” – President Obama’s town hall meeting on the economy with CNBC

September 21, 2010

Watch President Obama’s entire town hall meeting on the economy with CNBC by clicking HERE.


Jim Renacci, Republican nominee for House of Representatives, rant against civil rights

September 9, 2010

Link to video

racist Jim Renacci

Watch the video above. A concerned citizen asks Ohio Republican nominee for the House of Representatives, Jim Renacci, about the lack of diversity in his campaign and what he plans to do in terms of civil rights and diversity. In response, Ranacci launches into a rant about “freedom” and how the federal government should get out of civil rights, which he believes should be handled locally.
The voter then points out civil rights came about largely because of the federal government, as certain cities and states were adamant about enforcing racism. For Jim Renacci to suggest that the federal government should get out of civil rights and “these issues be handled locally” is to suggest that he is against civil rights entirely. And he never answered the voters initial question concerning the lack of diversity in his campaign, or why minority communities should support his campaign.

He is clearly unqualified for the office, and it is sad that such subtle racist attitudes still exist in 2010.

Tennessee Mayor slams President Obama for interrupting a Charlie Brown cartoon with his address on war

December 4, 2009

You can’t make this stuff up folks! You just can’t make it up. Tennessee Mayor Russell Wiseman is still promoting the campaign lie that the President is a Muslim (a false rumor addressed and readdressed endlessly during last year’s campaign). He also believes that the Commander in Chief addressed our nation about the Afghan war and deploying more troops in a sneaky anti-Christian move to block children from watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas special (which can be found on DVD and most likely the internet).

Huffingtonpost reports

In case you didn’t know, President Barack Obama’s West Point address, in which he announced his intention to escalate the war in Afghanistan, pre-empted the broadcast of A Charlie Brown Christmas on ABC. As it turns out, at least one person was crackpotted enough to believe that the whole point of the address was to prevent this cartoon from being shown. That person is Arlington, Tennessee Mayor Russell Wiseman. He actually exists. And he made the mistake of bleating out his strident, weird take on the matter on Facebook, and is acting all aggrieved that people noticed.

His Facebook message read in part:

Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch ‘The Charlie Brown Christmas Special’ and our muslim [sic] president is there, what a load…..try to convince me that wasn’t done on purpose. Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute disertation [sic] about it….w…hen the answer should simply be ‘yes’….

First off, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a twenty-five minute dissertation on Jesus Christ being the Son of God. More importantly, in this time of giving, I’ll point out that “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is available on DVD from Amazon for $13.99. Maybe one of Wiseman’s Facebook friends (maybe even the one with a conscience who sold Wiseman out to the press out of a higher obligation, perhaps instilled by his or her belief in Jesus Christ) should purchase it for him, and he need never watch a speech about a serious topic like war again.

Sick for Profit

August 7, 2009



This issue should not be a partisan one. Tell Republicans to support Americans, not the profits of Health Insurance executives.

Drudge reports on “Obama’s evil eye”

June 30, 2009



Yes folks, it’s true. They’ve got nothing.

More racism from the GOP

June 16, 2009

Look at the image above. It shows photos of all of our Presidents, except for the last one. Look at the lower right corner, and you will see a pitch black image with two bright wide eyes popping out. This was supposed to represent President Barack Obama, our nations first black President.

So where did this racist image come from? Was it sent by the KKK or another crazy lone racist like the man who shot up the Holocaust museum recently? Or was it emailed by a troubled 4th grader, who gained influence from racist relatives? No, this image came from the Tennessee GOP. It was sent by Sherri Goforth, an executive assistant for Tennessee State Rep. Diane Black (R-Gallatin), to other legislative staffers. The email was headlined “Historical Keepsake Photo.”

This after another Republican, this time from South Carolina, posted that a gorilla who escaped from the zoo was one of the first lady’s relatives.


It is really sad that Republicans are so comfortable with racism in 2009.

Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

May 28, 2009



Part #1

Part #2

Above are a few video clips from the video “Consuming Kids”. It is an amazing film on how marketers and advertisers (aided by deregulation and dilution of power of the FTC in the 1980s & under Reagan) are targeting children like pedophiles. They are extremely aggressive, taking on an amoral approach to converting infants into life long loyal consumers of their products (whether it is good or bad for them). Cartoons were made for the sole purpose of selling the toys. Even schools are now taking field trips to malls and stores, and having gyms sponsored by companies like Pizza Hut or Pepsi. Marketers have done brain scans on babies to see what stimulates them the most. They’ve even followed children into the bathroom or observed how they bathe all as a part of “research” on how to target them to sell products.

This video is extremely eye opening and disturbing. Marketers are only interested in their bottom line, and their actions have contributed to many problems we now face including childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, social anxiety/depression, teen pregnancy, etc. I have only posted two parts out of seven in this post, you can see the rest on youtube or I may follow up by posting more in an update.

Every parent should watch this video.