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November 21, 2008



VOTE people VOTE!! (early if possible)

October 28, 2008

UPDATE!! I just VOTED! 10/28/08


It was just yesterday that Barack Obama drew crowds exceeding 100,000 people in Denver Colorado and 50,000 people in Fort Collins Colorado.  People stood out in lines that began forming around 4am, even though the rally in Denver didn’t start until 11:30am and the one on the CSU campus didn’t begin until after 3pm.  They waited, and stood, with jackets and gloves, holding kids in their arms and Obama signs in their hands.  All just to get a live glimpse of what just might be the 44th President of the United States of America.

If you look at the pictures, they are phenomenal.  The crowds in Denver were so large, they surprised Barack Obama (who has seen big crowds all around this world, beginning in Iowa).  Think of the patience that took.  Think of the gas and (OMG) the parking!!!  Think of the standing and waiting, standing and waiting, standing and waiting until finally there he was!  Barack Obama!

As awesome and inspiring (and tiring) as that experience might have been, it could be all for naught if those people don’t show up to vote.

Even if you didn’t attend that rally, but you’ve attended others.  Or you’ve kept up intensely with this election.  Maybe you’ve made campaign contributions.  Maybe you’ve made phone calls, bought bumper stickers and t-shirts, campaigned door-to-door, or simply engaged in political discussions and debates.  ALL of that could be meaningless IF you don’t show up to vote!

I know how it is, because I’m in Colorado and we have early voting here.  I said I was going to go Saturday, but things came up and I didn’t make it.  I said I was going to go today (Monday), but alas, once again I failed to make it.  I’m making it tomorrow, mark my word on it!  Voting for me begins at 9am, I want to be out of the house by 7:30.  My family here have all already voted, fortunately, so I’ve really got to get on the stick (I’ll post that I VOTED as soon as I do which WILL be tomorrow at 9).

But I wonder, in those crowds, or at home, or out and about, how many people are floating around just like me?  They’re planning to get to it, but they just haven’t yet.  They want to avoid the long lines on November 4th, but they haven’t done the things necessary to do that.  If you are like that, and your state has early voting, this message is for you:  VOTE!  VOTE EARLY!  VOTE NOW!

This election has gone on for 2 years, but it only counts if you VOTE!  That’s the reason Obama has been raising all this money, and campaigning and debating for all these months.  That’s what the phone calls are for, the SNL skits, the advertisements, the news stories, the t-shirts, the Youtube videos, the emails, the forums, the myspace pages and facebook groups.  It’s all about YOU VOTING!  SO VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

And if you have to wait until Nov. 4th, show up early and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!  Don’t let the lines discourage you.  Don’t let anything distract you.  Don’t get overconfident.  Don’t think it’s over anyways.  VOTE!  You must VOTE!  VOTE like your VOTE could determine this election.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Bring your ipod, a book, snacks, your friends & family, your laptop, vote for Starbucks carts to come out, bring a portable electronic massager, bring chairs, bring sunglasses, bring jackets and hats, bring water, bring an umbrella, bring whatever you need to bring to be comfortable in those lines so you can VOTE!

With that, I’m off to bed.  I’ve got to be up to vote in the morning!

Former POW Says McCain Is “Not Cut Out to be President”

September 3, 2008

John McCain has been exploiting his POW experience every chance he gets. He has used this story to justify everything from not knowing how many homes he has to his healthcare plan to his taste in music. But now a veteran who was a prisoner with McCain in Vietnam is explaining loud and clear that being a POW does not qualify McCain to lead.

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“I look forward to you advising me as well”

June 8, 2008

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & Fox News LIED about pastor Jeremiah Wright. See 9/11 sermon in context

March 21, 2008


The entirety of Wright’s sermon after 9/11 is found here.


Full video and audio (mp3) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. Everyone should take time to watch or listen to this interview in its entirety, as it gives a full picture of Rev. Wright. The mainstream media has really gone out of its way to smear this man’s image and distort his message. They went so far as to all a woman in hospice who used to attend Trinity church, in order to find more “dirt” they could blow up in the news. Watch this interview and learn the truth about Barack Obama’s former pastor.


After all these weeks of the truth being out, on Youtube, and in blogs such as this, CNN continues to distort the truth about Wright’s 9/11 sermon.
This is from CNN’s website, 04/27/08

NEW! 5/4/08
Footage of Ambassador Edward Peck speaking out 4 days after the 9/11 attack
on Fox News. While he doesn’t use the specific words “chickens come home to roost” his comments are exactly of the same opinion expressed by Rev. Wright, if not more so. Skip to 3:43 to see the interview with our US Ambassador to Iraq.